Rémi Garde’s ‘A**-Kicking’ Press Conference Video With Added Fun

The only thing that pre-match press conferences are normally interesting for is to find out the injury situation on players. In recent times, Paul Lambert’s press conferences were set the tone for them to be regarded as mundane snores. The press corps had some respite when Tim Sherwood came to town, with some of his antics – ala his Dick’s Out press conference  – but as the winless run of the 2015/16 season continued, even he got boring.

When Rémi Garde took up the job, having to do press conferences in a second language was always going to stifle him to an extent. To be fair, Garde has proven to be thoughtful and considered in his press duties and comes across as a decent guy.

There was mild amusement at the press conference today though when he said “Professional players shouldn’t need their a***s kicked”.

Having seen the quote MOMS checked out the video of Garde’s Sunderland press conference to hear the line in context and also to hear what a manager in a severe situation and personally winless after eight games (the team is 18 winless) had to say.

We also, decided to do a little quick humourous edit of the video ourselves…



It’s only a quick job, but there might be potential for fun ‘truthful’ edits of press conferences in the future, to liven them up a bit. If you like the idea, subscribe to the channel and give the video a thumbs up.


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