Rémi Garde’s First Aston Villa Interview (Video)

First Rémi Garde interview as Aston Villa boss

After being held up in fog earlier in the week, new Aston Villa boss Rémi Garde finally has begun his press duties to introduce himself to the Villa faithful.


While the new Villa boss will meet the media for the first time on Thursday afternoon in his pre-match duties for the upcoming Manchester City match, he conducted his first in-house interview.

The immediate good news is the standard of Garde’s spoken English is better than his predecessor’s, plus his accent is more understandable than the two Villa managers before that. The new Villa boss comes across as intelligent, thoughtful and composed. There was no hoo-ha or Churchillian speeches in what he said, but a clear rationalisation of what he needs to do.

Garde was quick to dismiss the lazy question of him being French benefitting the influx of French-speaking players to the club in the summer.

“What I want to say is we are in England,” said Garde. “We need to adapt and settle in to this new area and world. They have to. This is the first thing, because they are not anymore playing for a French team or in France. That’s over. Probably they will feel better [about me], but my problem is not the French players, but the team’s results.”



In many ways it has been a low-key introduction of an appointment that many Villa supporters are unsure about. Hopefully, if he can quietly go about his business and get the job done, after past year of false promises and empty bravado, that will come as a relief to some.


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  1. From watching his expressions at the spurs game means he knows we are awful and are right where we belong! Once you get past that it’s all positive he cannot do any worse and if we finish with more than 14 points we are heading in the right direction. On your point he does sound and behave like someone that knows what he is doing… dare I say more intelligent than the average footballer so I hope we give him a full 2-3 years of time (allowing for the unthinkable).

  2. Don’t know too much about this guy so will not rush to judge. From this brief interview he appears to be a reasonable enough guy, but it will be results on the field that matter – its as cold as that for me. So many false sun rises in the last five years are difficult to put to one side. Bottom line I suppose, Ive simply lost all faith in the board to get it right.

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