Rémi Garde Explains Dropping Jack Grealish for Watford Game (Audio)

Jack Grealish Dropped

As we’ve seen this week Jack Grealish continues to hog the headlines in the national press, even though he’s only been in Aston Villa’s starting-line up 15 times. Once upon a time the UK press would build people up to knock them down, now they skip the building part to cut to the chase of their subject’s demise.

Yes, Jack Grealish needs to get his head down and focus on his job, and Rémi Garde is perhaps right to drop him for this weekend’s important clash with Watford. Garde did give Grealish a green light to skip the team bus back to Birmingham to stay in Manchester, but it looks like his trust was misplaced.

Here’s what the Villa boss had to say about the matter today:

Remi Garde on Jack Grealish

Here’s MOMS opinion on the issue (by request of the Daily Mail, who ironically broke the original story).

Hopefully, we can now get on with the task ahead, because all this nonsense isn’t going to help the cause of Premier League survival, which is disappointingly once again the only ambition of this sorry club.

Forget about making Grealish a scapegoat, he’s not the ultimate problem why this club is sinking fast, but hopefully if he applies himself, he can be part of the solution on the pitch at least.


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  1. Let’s see how JG responds to this. Rumor has it Chelsea are lurking for him, and well he wouldn’t be the first footballer to engineer a move away. The talk about a mentor for Grealish is great, but who? There is not a long serving team member who can do it, and no thank you to Yorke, Merson, as they would have agendas to get him to move to Manure or Arsenal respectively. Garde has a rep for bringing thru young players, this will be a good test for both of them. On another note, Micah. He has opened his trap yet again, “players aren’t willing to run the extra yard”, he’s the captain, he should be cajoling them to do so instead of publicly moaning about it. Also the comment about Everton wanting it more, was fairly treasonous IMHO. However he did finally publicly state there was language problems under the previous regime, obvious but has been glossed over in the press.

  2. garde is right. Jack has you realise that professionalism is 7 days a week. Trevor Fisher.

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