Relegation Alarm Bells Ring as Villa Seek Momentum

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It was always inevitable that Aston Villa would go into the League Cup final at Wembley in the relegation zone, after falling to Southampton last weekend. Wins for both Watford and West Ham, now see Villa in 19th place with Norwich City cushioning them from bottom spot.

A woeful performance at St Mary’s, a ground where they had previously been battered 6-1 before the 2015 FA Cup final, didn’t actually inject the Villa fanbase with much optimism.

But football is a funny old game, as Mr Greaves once said. It’s a game where Liverpool can beat Crystal Palace 9-0 in the league in 1989 and later in the same season go onto lose an FA Cup semi-final against them (4-3 at Villa Park). It’s also a game where Watford can beat a Liverpool team that was considered invincible this season, 3-0.

When Villa look at their remaining fixtures, which feature many of the current top 10 teams, their record of just one win against them this season (Everton) needs a massive improvement, or they’ll certainly be relegated.

The League Cup final provides a great chance to lift standards and lay down a marker to boost confidence in the clashes to come against the Premier League top brass. In the unlikely event Villa lift the cup, it would generate a massive confidence boost to help galvanise the players and fanbase alike.

After Villa’s shocking performance at St Mary’s, it was swear box time on the My Old Man Said podcast, as we picked through the bones of the Saints defeat and profiled the relegation picture.

As well as questioning the Villa player’s heart for the fight ahead, we looked at how the upcoming League Cup final fits into the relegation battle, as we broke out The Rasmussen Diagram to chart where Villa stand in terms of their potential for safety at the end of the season.

If you have time before Wembley also have a listen below to a new MOMS podcast show that was recorded earlier in the month in Los Angeles, that gives in insight in following the claret and blue from across the pond.




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  1. Strong words indeed but I must totally agree “not for the first time with Colin”, a Villa fan for over 60 years man & boy and born within a stone’s throw of Villa Park I despair at the apathy shown by the current management and players, perhaps it is not the fault of the players, they are just not good enough at this level, but they could at least show some passion and will to win. I well remember the day’s when just the mention of “Aston Villa” would give me goosebumps the sight of the ground the Claret & Blue strip was something to be proud of, I also remember being called “Aston Vanilla the team everyone loves to lick” please,please show some fight at Wembley, another drubbing will surely seal our fate.UTV.

  2. All down to rubbish recruitment and poor management, Wesley was the start of it all, recently there’s been too much emphasis on this cup match and not enough focus on the important thing our league position, our last match as we all know was an absolute disgrace, the whole club is a shambles and we are where we deserve to be, we’re not a PL club and that’s been clearly demonstrated all season, our managers way out of his depth, and personally I can’t see where our next win is coming from. After many years support I am sad to say this clubs not worth it anymore. They give nothing for the fans and play like a bunch of fairies. The only thing that we are good at is making excuses and talking about it. Probably two of our players worthy of wearing the shirt, the rest wouldn’t make a decent pub team.

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