The Red Stain on Tom Hanks’ Claret and Blue Blood


It seems that in following in his father’s footsteps, actor Colin Hanks (tallest chap in the middle of above shot) only managed to do half the job. Having been in  films such as King Kong, Orange Country and W, and the TV series The Good Guys, he did the acting part…but when it came to his football team of choice, he fell well short.

In Portland this week with his dad Tom Hanks to see his father’s team Aston Villa take on the Portland Timbers, an LA-based Villa fan informed MOMS, that he suspected Hanks Jr to be a Liverpool fan.

When Colin then tweeted a mention of actor and big Liverpool fan Clive Owen, I thought it was time to get some confirmation on his allegiance….which Colin Hanks was good enough to offer up…


Lets hope Colin is just a black sheep in the Hank’s family.


Hopefully, this is just a case of the claret and blue blood skipping a generation of the Hank’s family. In the meantime, lets hope Tom puts a stop to his son’s pocket money now that this news is out!