Five Reasons to be Cheerful as a Villa Fan….After 12-goal Festive Mauling

With David Michael


How best to follow a 8-0 drubbing? Well, certainly not by getting tonked 4-0 in front of your own fans… Is there anything positive left to hang on to at the moment for a Villa fan?


1. Three points from Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs. An OK haul from such games, and certainly wins at Anfield have been few and far between in recent years.

2. How you go from being 4-1 winners at a place that Arsenal and Manchester United had recently lost and 3-1 winners at Anfield to shipping 12 goals in two games without reply is incredible? Yet, a truly bad team couldn’t pull off the first two results. This must be a freak brace of results, right? We will certainly find out in the next game against Wigan. If Villa had lost 1-0 against both Chelsea and Spurs, the average Villa fan wouldn’t have worried too much.

3. Villa’s fixture list gets a hell of a lot easier in the forthcoming month or so.

4. It’s better to have suffered these whippings before, rather than after the transfer window. At least the weaknesses in the current Villa team will now be crystal clear in  Lambert’s mind.

5. 2013 is mere days away. Let’s draw a line under 2012 (what a c**p year) and begin again. Decent draws in the League Cup Semi-finals and FA Cup, and easier League fixtures to begin the year with, mean we could have another swift positive mood swing.


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