Five Reasons to be Cheerful as a Villa Fan After Millwall Den Disaster


Double whammy of lower league knockout stress within less than a week. This time at The Den vs Millwall. The worst thing though it was of little surprise. Listening to the Millwall game in the radio it sounded exactly like the one I’d watched with my eyes vs Bradford at Villa Park. Conceding a goal from a corner…that was predictable too. Oh well. UTV


1. Those fans who have learnt their football knowledge from Sky Sports and thought Villa should concentrate on the League have got their wish. Yeah, what’s the point of bothering in the cup when your 90 minutes from Wembley and have the prospect of winning it? Of course, winning trophies are pointless in football now… Rubbish. When Villa were good, such defeats would mean our season was now over in January. With the Millwall defeat, there now is only the league as a focus.  It a shame that the player’s confidence is now  totally crushed by losing against lower league teams. The mentality now is anyone can beat Villa. Didn’t think about that did you?

2. No more conceding goals from corners in cup matches, we can concentrate on doing it in the league now.

3. Getting knocked out of two cups by two lower league teams in the space of three days, doesn’t mean automatic relegation for being useless. Phew. There still maybe hope.

4. Apparently our manager said, “we’ll be fine”. Thank god for that.

5. Oh…and that, ‘we”ll go again”. That’s also smashing news. Good on him.  Two pieces of good news in a week to make up for each of those cup defeats. UTV


Thanks to MOMS readers for the following alternative FRTBC after Millwall on twitter. Here’s a couple of them :


Amanda McKeown

1. We scored

2. They only scored two

3. Hutton might leave (Real Mallorca apparently interested)

4. It wasn’t on TV so we didn’t have to watch it

5. No footie for four days for Villa


Gary Costello

1. Got further in the FA Cup than Small Heath

2. We’re not in the bottom three

3. The thaw

4. Away following brill

5. I don’t support Small Heath

…and as Joey Holmes points out we got a Saturday without losing!


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  1. Winning trophies is FAR less important than avoiding relegation from the Prem, especially this season. The financial reasons outweigh any supposed glory.  Cup runs and upcoming Wembley appearances are huge distractions to players, especially ones that don’t have much bottle to start with…we can’t afford them to be distracted. 
    Not to mention the mess we would be in if Benteke or Weimann get injured. They are our only hope of staying up.

    • CraigWright It’s not either or there is it? The cup run had reach it’s end, so only 90 mins to play at Wembley. Those players need such a ‘distraction’ to boost their confidence. Benteke or Weimann could get injured in the next game vs Newcastle, so that’s not really an argument.  Villa would have been a lot better off getting to the final of the League Cup. That second leg was a disgrace – especially the second half! Villa need to win things once in a while to be considered a big club; the day fans don’t care about trophies is the day we might as well pack up.

      • MyOldManSaid CraigWright I’d normally agree with you 100% but not when relegation seems such a definite conclusion. Having the final waiting WILL affect players commitment, even if it is only subconsciously. Players don’t want to get injured when perhaps their only shot at a Wembley appearance is coming up. You see it time and time again with smaller teams who reach a final – their league form goes out of the window leading up to the game. Unless you have born fighters, who give 100% all the time because they don’t know any other way, you are always going to get people holding a little back. 
        I honestly don’t think confidence is the problem with the players – they just don’t have the fight in them. No determination or aggression.

        • CraigWrightMyOldManSaidI’d be inclined to agree with you if Villa were mid or lower-mid table, but where they are now, I think they’d be focused on a relegation battle Wembley or not. Our league form is already out of the window! So I was thinking more from the view of a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. It’s all academic now. A win vs Newcastle though, would be as big as winning the League Cup, at least in the short term!

        • MyOldManSaid CraigWright It is a shame that Newcastle will be galvanised by their new signings, while we are even more demoralised by the lack of ours.

  2. 1) we still have Benteke
    2) we didn’t lose to A NON-LEAGUE team like Norwich ( small consolation I know, but still brought a smile to my face when I heard that score line)
    3) WE ARE NOT SMALL HEATH ( though I did work with a bloke called Heath once and he wasn’t small )
    4) I’m VILLA till I die
    5) listening to Alan Shearer pronounce Benteke as BEN-TEK-KAY made me spit my tea out

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