Five Reasons to be Cheerful as a Villa Fan After an Embarrassing Performance vs Bradford City

The column was created to both provide Villa fans with a few  laughs to cheer them up after disappointing results and also to highlight rays of hope in the Villa team for future games. In regards, of offering  rays of hope in terms of the team, there is only darkness. It was an astonishingly naive, lacklustre and clueless performance against a team assembled for less than half of Barry Bannan’s weekly wage.

The only real reasons to be cheerful were to do with the Villa fans…

1. Arriving right on the whistle for kick off and walking up the steps to take my place in the Holte, the first thought was, ‘Wow! The supporters had held up their end of the bargain’. Later, the sight of Villa Park when Villa’s first goal went in was a joy to behold. It could be like this more frequently, if the team sorts its act out.


A packed Holte End has semi fever (pic by James Barlow)


2. It was like the ghost of the Holte End terraces of yester-year were resurrected as every Villa supporter was on their feet (seats weren’t needed all game). Also, for a second, it felt like it was the 2nd leg of Tranmere all over again…

3. Speaking of which, we the supporters at least believed it might be, singing, “We’ve done it before, we’ll do it again.”

4. Well done to the fans, stewards and paramedics who attended to and helped the supporter in the Holte who suffered a stroke. We wish him well.

5. Decent flag twirling by supporters. It’s just a shame we weren’t given enough reasons to do it more often during the game. Still, for those who bothered to take them home, at least you had something to wipe the snow off your boots.


…on second thoughts, there are some other reasons to be cheerful as a Villa fan…


Five More Reasons to be Cheerful as a Villa Fan After a Totally Embarrassing Performance Against Bradford City


1. There is potential to earn a few quid if you brought a Villa  half-season ticket. Just insist on that guaranteed  League Cup Final ticket you were promised, then sell it on at an inflated price to either a Swansea or Bradford fan to make a tidy profit.



2. With the amount of passing sideways by Villa players on Tuesday night, prawn sandwich eating fans in the Doug Ellis and Trinity Road stands could actually pretend they were in the Holte End, with the game flowing up and down in front of them.

3. Randy Lerner not being at the game meant that environmentally conscious Villa fans will be happy that his Private Jet didn’t leave any further carbon footprint.

4. The fact that the players (Ron Vlaar excluded) didn’t turn to the Holte End to applaud fans for their support, meant we didn’t have to see their sorry faces one last time during the evening. We had suffered enough embarrassment just seeing some of the players wearing Villa shirts.

5. Villa have one less chance of playing in the Europa League next season.


Please add any other reasons to be cheerful below in the comments section…


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  1. Without
    reading this yet the 5 reasons I’d say are 1. We can’t get much worse
    2. We might beat Millwall 3. Christian Benteke 4. We’re not 20th 5.
    We’re not going bankrupt like Small Heath!!!

    • SiStaples I still don’t understand why when we needed goals Weimann didn’t start with Benteke. Those two have scored & assisted most of Villa’s goals. It’s a proper partnership.

      • MyOldManSaid SiStaples We had too many central players on. With Weimann, Benteke, Agbonlahor and Bent we pretty much congested ourselves for too long

        • MaxWhitehead MyOldManSaid SiStaples In my humble opinion, PL should have pushed Gabby and N’Zogbia wide to get some balls into the middle men. I can’t remember one cross from the byline.

      • MyOldManSaid SiStaples I assumed it was because Weimann wasn’t fully fit following his recent illness. Personally, I’d have started him even if he was midway through a bout of the squits.
        Millwall will do us over – guaranteed.

        • CraigWright MyOldManSaid SiStaples When the injuries were announced in the press conference Weimann was given the all clear as fit, while Given and Delph were still a doubt. If Weimann hadn’t shaken off his illness he would have been classed a doubt too. I agree he should have started, even if he was only 90%. He doesn’t need many invitations to score.

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