Five Reasons to be Cheerful as a Villa Fan After Bradford City Debacle

 “We’re in a game now, that’s for sure” – Paul Lambert


With David Michael


Defenders who don’t go to meet crossed balls and are constantly out of position, a midfield that has a non-existent presence and passes slowly sideways when trying to attack opponents, and a team without leadership or experience. These are the three main roots to Villa’s recent trauma and a soul destroying 3-1 loss to Second Division Bradford City in the semi-final of the League Cup. The result was simply not good enough. So, what is there to be cheerful about?


1. Liverpool fans must be even more embarrassed now. They must have been wondering how the hell Villa beat them at Anfield 3-1 and then go on to lose 8-0, 4-0 and 3-0. After Division Two Bradford City could even beat Villa comfortably, the scousers must now find it hard to show their faces in public.


2. For two weeks there remains the option of buying all of Bradford City’s first 11, just so they don’t play in the second leg. Villa should be able to beat a Bradford second string at Villa Park at least 3-0 to secure a trip to Wembley. Then we can use the newly purchased Bradford City players in Premier league matches, since they seem to be better at beating Premiership teams than the Villa players do.


3. The result must have been a final wake-up call? Surely the Villa board or Lambert don’t need any more evidence that this promote youth policy has been a little too quick and drastic. They must see that a couple of battle-harden experienced heads are needed in the team. They don’t need to be superstars. Just a defender who is willing to stick his head on the ball when a cross comes into the Villa box and a midfielder who knows how to pass the ball forward, will do.


4. There’s a second legs to this semi…although, it would have been handy for Villa if this semi-final was played over three legs!


5. Weimann’s goal. On a serious note, if he hadn’t scored it, I think Bradford City would have probably scored a third anyway to win 3-0. So big damage limitation. Needing to win by two goals isn’t out of reach for Villa, and 2-0 will be enough after extra-time to get to Wembley. However, like Villa’s match versus Tranmere in 1994, I expect the opposition to score just to complicate things. Although, if Villa score first and early, the game may then begin to run away from Bradford City.  UTV


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  1. Surprised at the panic that ensued that we lost to Bradford, must be the new generation of top six MON fans who think we have a god given right to have billions in the bank! It is a two legger, we can do this a piece of piss! I’ve seen the Villa play shit in big games, not turn  up, not even try, but we were unlucky against Bradford, have not looked forward to game as much as the second leg for years!

  2. im still lol-ing at number 2 it’s about as good as it gets at the minute


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