Why Lambert is the Luckiest Premier League Manager – 2014 Results Table

The Sack Race Starts

Coming up to the New Year and the opening of the January window and there’s been plenty of movement in the management market as clubs attempt to improve their fortunes in the second half of the season.

Crystal Palace have dumped Neil Warnock, while his replacement looks to be ex-Eagle player and current Newcastle boss Alan Pardew. West Brom are also on the look out for ANOTHER new boss after disposing of the services of Alan Irvine. At their current rate of manager turnaround, they’ll probably be offering their next boss just a six-month contract.

Both the Albion job and Newcastle job leaves potential candidates with the dubious prospect of working for chairman that are perhaps the real problem at the heart of their respective clubs.

Lucky Lambert

One manager who has yet again managed to dodge the sack bullet is Villa’s Paul Lambert. After ending last season with a shocking 38 point finish which included an unprecedented 10 losses at Villa Park, this season hasn’t exactly added to the credentials of his managerial CV. There was a six-game losing streak which formed part of a one point from nine games run.

Lambert though is still very much at the heart of an apparently rejuvenated Randy Lerner and new Villa CEO Tom Fox’s plans for the club. A fact that Fox has admitted to both the Aston Villa Supporters’ Trust and in local press interviews.

Only Villa’s relegation from the Premier League would probably see any chance of his removal, although he is expected to do better than just hover above the relegation places.

2014 though has seen zero improvement for Lambert’s Villa as the table for all the 2014 Premier League results table below demonstrates.

Is the points total from 38 games really acceptable?


Premier League Table Results 2014


2014 results premier league table



Considering Lambert finished the 2013/14 season with 38 points (and 41 points the season before), a 39 point haul from 2014, makes you wonder what is the Villa board’s logic to standing by their man after three seasons of standards well below those expected at a club like Aston Villa.

Neil Warnock was sacked after just one win in 12 games, Lambert hasn’t fared much better with just two wins in the last 15 games. It’s been said that Pardew seeking a move to Palace is despite Newcastle’s current 9th place is avoiding the inevitable outcome at Newcastle. His record though is better than Lambert’s over the same period.

If 2014 was another annus horribilis for Paul Lambert perhaps 2015 will be the year that defines his Villa career one way or the other.


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  1. Ah so Teri the slug has crawled out from under it’s rock to spread it’s slime around . Well Teri I actually know real people who just happen to support footie clubs other than Villa . But that does not mean I support any other club than Villa, it just means I know real supporters of other clubs and not just the likes of the plastic fans of top 4 clubs to be found around Brum .But that is perhaps a little too difficult for a slug to comprehend !

  2. dont get me wrong,, lambert has and makes some poor decisions,,,, but,,

    guzan vlaar, benteke, okore, hutton sanchez delph, clarke baker and westwood all show he can get a player in or improve a player

    he is being let down by gabby weinmann and zoggy,, we are excellent at playing counter attacking
    football, but as the last two games show when we boss the possession we struggle to break through

    we keep the ball brilliantly at times but going from side to side does not hurt the opposition and means we cant counter attack as much
    so someone in the middle needs to play a few more long balls up to benteke to allow gabby or weinman to play off the second ball
    in turn we should create more chances and allow for them to counter and press which in turn allows us to counter,,,

    • Interesting how fans of other clubs value our players more than some of our fans do . And Gabby is a point in question as a ManU fan I know commented after watching the Palace match that Gabby was one of our best players . And part of that is because Villa fans tend to judge players on their notional position in the team and not the contribution they make to the team effort .
      And if it was not for the off field actions of Gabby & Delph Villa probably would have gone down last season
      But that’s not saying the team is perfect as changes need to happen & Zog needs to go !!

  3. there is no point sacking lambert,,, this season we have genuine quality throughout the team
    we just need to score a few more goals and improve in the last third

    injuries and poor ref decisions and a lack of finishing has cost us dearly,, there is progress through out the
    defence and midfield, we pass , move and defend very well and with cohesion and discipline apart from the odd tackle,,,,
    we just need to address the goalscoring and play in the last third, and bring the kids through,, we are half way through the season and could easily have 6 more points minimum,, we are in good shape, lambert is far from perfect but i feel we are not in any danger but will still be wary of our position

    lambert is just very cautious,, if he were to paint a stately home he would use a small paintbrush despite being given a big roller he would paint at least half the house before changing to the better quicker method
    its just how he is,,, and despite being almost stubborn with his team selection recently he has started to tinker and it is good that he does,,
    and we must allow him the space to find out what works and against whom,,, and develop the tactics to play against all style of teams,,

    so we need to get the attack minded players we need and start clear out the dead wood,,,

    even if vlaar and delph go we still have a good squad, and with the right additions we will be a very good side
    its just down to the 3 amigos to get them in,,,

  4. It proves how pathetic the owner is, he knows it
    But is hoping to sell, Lambert is the worst manager
    Avfc have ever had . Nothing will change until they
    Are gone. Hence the the lousiest title is Lamberts crown
    And lerner the enigma, no one sees or understands

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