Premier League Table of the Last 10 Years

As we all know Aston Villa are one of the ever-present teams in the Premier League since it’s inception in the 1992-93; a season where Villa were really close to actually winning the inaugural title (I’m still bitter about that!). While Villa have experienced torrid fortunes in the league in recent seasons, it’s interesting to see where they stand if you looked at the period of the last ten years.

As we can see of the nine teams that have been ever present in this period, Villa are 8th. Amusingly, after 367 games Villa’s total goal difference of -36 is a swing of 77 goals worse than Manchester City’s of +41 after just 25 games of this season! You have to blame repeated drubbings by Chelsea partly for that.

In the last ten years, Villa are a team in decline when you compare their results to the overall picture. Over the full 21 seasons of the Premier league, Villa stand 6th above both Everton and Manchester City (who have only been in 16 of the 21 seasons). Over the past ten years, you can understand Villa losing ground to the money of Manchester City (122 less points), but they’ve earnt 97 points less than Everton, a club we’re normally associated in the same bracket of.

In conclusion though, whether you look at the last 10-years, the last 21-years or the entire history of the football league, Aston Villa Football Club are a top half club and that should be the bottom line in terms of ambition. UTV

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  1. How can Fulham have only played 1 less game then us? Considering we have been there from the start and had the 22 team leagues??

  2. It’s pointless (no pun intended) to sort this table by points, as it’s biased towards teams that have been in the league for the full 10 years.

    Points per game would be much more fair. For example, Newcastle should be above Fulham. But luckily for your analysis, it wouldn’t affect Villa’s position of 8th..

    • No really, for starters, the most successful teams in the Premier League in the last 10 years, are the ones that have been in it the most!

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