Potential New Aston Villa Owner Has Chinese Royalty and Diamond Trade Connections

Another week and another Aston Villa forum is boasting about being ITK about the Villa ownership situation and having news on Villa’s new buyer. If you sign into their forum and log in Monday, all will be revealed…etc…etc…etc. New owner with Tony Pulis as manager? Yawn, yawn, yawn.

At last though there is a hot new ownership rumour that is good enough to cover in ‘A Venglos View’.

Spanish Reports

Initially the news broke in Spain via Mundo Deportivo that a rich investor was interested in investing in Liverpool FC. The investor made a lot of money due to ‘Diamonds’ and is known by the title of ‘Princess of China.’

The good news for Villa fans is the potential investor is such a fair-weather fan of football, that the likelihood of them switching their investment from Liverpool to Villa is pretty high.

Last week, the Liverpool Echo taking its lead from the Mundo Deportivo, named the Premier League’s potential latest investor when it reported that the millionaire songtress Rihanna was interested in buying a football club and also setting up a football academy in her native Barbados as part of the deal. But as the Echo stated, she will now have to look beyond her first choice of Liverpool:

‘With zero inclination from Fenway Sports Group that they are interesting in selling, Rihanna may have to Break It Off and look elsewhere.’

Next stop? Aston Villa. And it’s expected to be a smooth transition.


Her Football Credentials

One of the sideline stories of the World Cup was Rihanna’s love of the beautiful game. She started off supporting Brazil, before suddenly becoming  the biggest Germany fan in the world, after they disposed of her first choice team. At the final, she was seen posing with the World Cup and sharing pecks on the cheek with the winning German players to impress her legions of social media followers.

“A switch of loyalty from Liverpool to Aston Villa should be a piece of pi**, if she pulled that one off,” commented Villa’s assistant manager, Roy Keane about Villa’s latest prospective investor. Reports from Rihanna’s camp suggest that Villa’s impressive opening day win against Stoke has cemented her interest in the Midland’s club.

North Stand rebuilding

One of the perks of any deal would be additional investment into Villa Park – including the building of a diamond-encrusted new North Stand – by Rihanna’s record company after identifying the huge spin-off potential of a new ‘Villa mix’ version of her big 2012 hit ‘Diamonds’. The updated mix of the song is expected to include the new chorus: ‘Shine bright like a Weimann’.

If you log into some Villa forum tomorrow morning, I’m sure they’ll have the news of the completed deal. As long as Rihanna isn’t planning on installing Tony Pulis as the new Villa boss, it’s all good by us. UTV

A Venglos View is a satirical (and sometimes surreal) look at the Villa. Thanks to Kurt for the Rihanna photoshop job.


  1. She’s only worth fifty million. Even if she scammed Lerner into dropping his price to a fiver she’d have to devote half her worth to change Villa. Maybe she could be a shareholder?

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