Post-match Tim Sherwood Interview – Sunderland Didn’t Deserve a Point

Post-Match Tim Sherwood Interview – Sunderland

“Anybody who watched that game knows we should have taken three points,” said Villa boss Tim Sherwood reflecting on the 2-2 draw against Sunderland. “We should have been out of sight by half-time.”

Yes, while perhaps the result wasn’t there, at least there was a vibrancy to the performance, especially in midfield, that has been lacking in recent seasons. It’s something that Sherwood reflects on in the below post match interview, as well as setting up his team to address the absence of Christian Benteke.

Sherwood also gives his opinion on the Carles Gil penalty claim, for which the Villa player got booked for supposedly diving. Sherwood certainly saw it differently from the referee.



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  1. Sherwood is correct in saying that we should’ve won that game, it was clear only one team was trying to win at the end and we created a lot of chances, however I do not agree with his support for Gil and criticising of the ref for the penalty incident. I think the ref got it spot on and if I was Sherwood I would be fuming that Gil, decided to hit the deck instead of putting his laces through it. 9 times out of 10 he would’ve scored from that range. Gil should’ve gotten the hairdryer treatment for that, he has cost us 2 points.

  2. Just because the defender’s making like he’s pulling out doesn’t mean he hasn’t left his foot in for Gil. How do I know it’s a stone cold penalty ? Because Trevor Mile-and-a-bit said it wasn’t. Apparently we have never won under that ref. And a goalie has never been sent off for two time-wasting yellows, per Mile-and-a-bit, ergo it can’t ever happen. Looking forward to the 22nd already.

  3. Sherwood is a bellend with claret & blue blinkers on – never a penalty – correctly yellow carded for cheating and usual sour grapes from s classless manager

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