Paul Lambert Set to Follow in Sir Alex’s Footsteps?

A Venglos View


Question. What’s the three essential ingredients a club needs to then go on to dominate the English Premier League for a couple of decades?

Well, if you go back to 1986,  Manchester United had the following three:

1) They were a club who had won the European Cup a generation ago.

2) They were managed by a struggling Scottish manager

3) The team were one place above the relegation zone in the chilly month of November.

Does it remind you of any team in the current English Premiership? Villa, Lambert, rubbish start to the relationship… Are the stars finally aligning fort he mighty Villa? Is it time to buy in a case of champagne to put on ice, ready to celebrate all the league titles Villa will start winning in a few years time? Should Lambert visit Saville Row to get his suit fitted for when he makes the Honour’s List and becomes ‘Sir Paul’?



Of course, it’s wishful thinking, but the below table published in the Daily Mirror recently gets you thinking.


I mean, as well as United, just look at the bottom three in 1986: Chelsea, Manchester City and Newcastle. It seems anything can happen in football!

So get ready for Villa to rise again!


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