Parliament Agree Debate on Safe Standing and EFL Launch Campaign

‘If standing areas are licensed as being safe, they don’t become any less safe just because the standard of football being played on the pitch is different.’


Over the past few weeks you would have seen MOMS mentioning the misguided words of Sports Minister Tracy Crouch on safe standing and the petition to the government, that was energised by them.

The petition reached the 100,000 signatures that were needed to make the government consider it for debate in the House of Commons, and it will indeed be discussed on June 25th. So, well done to all that took the time to sign it.


Villa’s Support

During the process of supporters supporting the petition, Aston Villa themselves, along with several other clubs, publicly announced their backing of the initiative to have the choice of safe standing.

They told MOMS that they would also consult Villa supporters on the issue in the coming months.

You may remember, when Villa were in the Premier League, they were the first Premier League club to publicly pledge their support to safe standing, and this stance has not changed with a change of CEO and owner.

EFL Support and Campaign

Further good news is the English Football League (EFL) has taken the constructive and progressive approach of joining up with the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) in supporting the choice of standing with their new ‘Stand up For Choice’ campaign, which recognises some of the contradiction and hypocrisy at play in the current situation.

“We recognise that to effect change we will need a partnership approach,” said EFL Chief Executive Shaun Harvey. “This will commence with our survey to demonstrate that those who attend fixtures, want to see the change and be offered a choice, even if they still choose to be seated,”

He added: “Our Clubs and their fans should be part of the solution.”

The campaign wants to find out supporters views and feelings about the debate and you can offer up your thoughts in the ‘Stand Up For Choice’ survey – link below.

Current Contradiction

The EFL statement highlights clear discrepancies in the current position on standing:

“There are 21 EFL clubs across our three divisions that currently offer licensed standing areas to supporters and it is unclear to us how such areas would be any less safe if operated on an identical basis at other clubs playing in the same competitions.

“Nor is the logic clear to us why clubs can offer standing in League One and League Two but not to the same fans, in the same stands, at the same grounds after three years of playing in the Championship or above.

If standing areas are licensed as being safe, they don’t become any less safe just because the standard of football being played on the pitch is different. Click below link for survey (deadline is May 10th).

‘The EFL has had a clear mandate from clubs to pursue change since 2014 and is keen to have an active dialogue with supporter groups, safety authorities and senior Government Ministers to achieve a review of existing legislation so that clubs have a choice on this matter and fans get the matchday experience they want – whether that be seated or standing on terraces.’

Stand Up For Choice Survey

They’ll be more to come on the issue of safe standing on MOMS, but in the meantime, please do click this link below to share your input and views:




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