The New Official Ball That Will Grace Villa Park in the 2012/13 Season

Nike Premier League football

While MOMS longs for the day when a retro Adidas Tango will be the official football of the Premiership, here is the ball that will grace Villa Park and lesser grounds in the 2012/13 premiership season.

Nike’s ‘Maxim’ ball with its sky blue and red design, suggests that it’s manufacturers are anticipating  another two-horse race for the title between the Manchester Clubs –  City and United. Wouldn’t it be better if the colours on the ball represented the home team colours of each match?

Nike claim the ‘Maxim’ ball to be the best football in the world (nope, that would be the Tango). As well as being the official ball of the English Premiership League, the ball will be also used in Serie A and La Liga.

The ball costs a cool £90.00…but is back by some inventive marketing jive-talk. The three funniest features of the ball being:

1. Responsive to touch with a 360 degree sweet spot

2. Has ‘aerodynamic textured casing’

3. ‘Six wing carbon-latex air chamber’

Basic translation? It’s a round ball with a plastic-surface, filled with air.

Anyway, hopefully Paul Lambert’s Aston Villa team will utilise the new ball to better effort, than the team did last season’s model.


Hail the Adidas Tango

Adidas Tango Football
The  Adidas Tango – The Ball to Rule All Balls?


    •  @CraigWright It might be worth digging some out to see if they actually are going for a 3D look. Remember Edgar Davids used to play in what used to look like 3D-glasses? He would have had an advantage, if he was still around.

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