New Plans for Bonfire Night After Fabian Delph Moves to Manchester City

After the double U-turn by Fabian Delph in the space of week in signing for Manchester City, Aston Villa supporters were understandably furious by their captain’s judas move.

The club’s PR department’s Delph loyalty fanfare back in January only made the situation more incendiary. Literally it seems…

Within minutes of the former Villa captain being unveiled as a Manchester City player, while John Gregory was loading his rifle on Twitter, Villa were already burning their Delph Macron replica shirts…


Don’t play with #avfc fans’ emotions Mr Delph. 🐍💷💰⚽ (Video: @69Goodman) #amf #mcfc

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But this was just the start of the Delph fire plans.

As it turns out Manchester City visit Villa Park on November 7th, two days after bonfire night. One fan has already got into the mood and plans are in motion for a ‘big fookin bonfire’ in honour of Delph.

delph bonfire plans

Check out the facebook page for further details (and a laugh)

The only problem I can see with this bonfire plan is judging by the above video clip, Macron Villa shirts seem to be extremely flammable and would burn in seconds. So, it’s best to take some pyro and fireworks along to prolong the night’s festivities.

Currently, the party planner is looking for a suitable location. Drop him a line on the facebook page above, if you have any stella ideas.

Inflatable snakes are already planned for the game, although that’s just the fun side of it, the police may need to call up army reinforcements for the rest. 🙂

Now, don’t ever mention the word ‘loyalty’ again. It’s officially dead in football, like the game’s soul.


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  1. The moment I heard Wanker I mean banker Learner and his amazing financial advisors had fucked up another deal I. E. The sale of the club I said to my son in law that’s it Bentekes gone and Delph will change his mind and be gone within a week. I was right. And look who can blame him thinking Villa are on there way up new owners in spending money etc. Now he can see what we see Benteke money going to pay off some of the debts this fool has created. Another season of disillusion and a relegation fight. I’m wondering if I should start supporting Man City reserves so I can see some decent football. As soon as a club sacks their manager this coming season any player or the manager who has shown potential will also be gone. Randy as long as you stay the club will devalue so cut your losses now and sell. Anybody would be better than you.

  2. This ‘bonfire’ plan is just an much an embarrassment to the club as our dreadful PR team. What on earth do you think this will achieve?

    • It’s not a MOMS idea, we’re just reporting it. Can’t see the embarrassment though tbh. It’s more a reaction to the embarrassment that fans have been subjected to.

      • MOMS is clearly supporting this idea and giving it clout and weight, I find it classless, tasteless and socially irresponsible.

        • Clearly? Well, it’s not clear to us! Because you write about something, it doesn’t mean you’re supporting something. If you read the article, it’s quite light-hearted. I think you’re over reacting a tad in terms of your damnation. BTW – define ‘socially irresponsible’ in this context…

          If we were taking this seriously and supporting the idea, what’s the issue, anyway? It’s just Bonfire night! It’s been going on for centuries and at the bigger bonfire displays, burning actual effigies are common place, never mind football shirts.

          In Lewes – the biggest and best (I’ve been a couple of times) – every year they march giant effigies of politicians through the streets before they are burnt. The chap’s facebook page isn’t exactly suggesting burning a Delph effigy… although that is something we would support. That and voodoo dolls of Mr Delph. UTV

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