The Mystery of the Aston Villa Fan Head Ornament Revealed

Cast your mind back to Aston Villa’s triumph over West Brom in the FA Cup quarter-final, and there’s one big question that remains unanswered. It refers to a shocking and disturbing site at Villa Park, that makes you just think, WHY?!

No, we don’t mean the joyous on-pitch celebrations that the media foolishly thought were ‘carnage’ and a ‘return to the dark ages’.

We mean this chap…

Mr Ann Summers Aston Villa fan

The Villan wearing a ‘head ornament’ has already had internet sites calling him the ‘Di**head of the Season’ and he’s probably set himself up to be the poster boy of many an anti-Villa meme, but at MOMS we prefer not to judge, we like to at least try to understand…

Luckily, one of our contributors actually bumped into him on the day of the quarter-final and asked him that the big question – why? (thanks Kerry!)

Now, a quick flashback to build-up to the game…

You may remember the rally call to pump up the atmosphere at the game with balloons, flags, streamers and banners etc. MOMS contribution was to commission a ‘Supporter Party invite’ for social media (thanks Kurt) to help get the word out…

Aston Villa Supporter Party

It’s seems calling it a ‘party’ may have contributed to his novel choice of headgear at the game though.

When Kerry asked the Villa fan about his head gear, he answered:  “They wanted a party, so I gave them an Ann Summers one.”

Give the man his dues, it’s a pretty funny answer.


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