Mourinho’s Hypocrisy Makes Referee Chris Foy a Scapegoat for Chelsea’s Villa Defeat

Forgotten Stamford Bridge Already?

I like Jose Mourinho, so lets get that out the way first. Judging by the hoo-ha regarding his criticism of the supposed poor performance of referee Chris Foy, the media like him too. He knows that and also that they’ll over-cook anything he says.

None of the main ‘talking point’ decisions were blatantly wrong or out of the ordinary; certainly when you compare them to key incidents from the previous game between Aston Villa and Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Villa had a penalty appeal turned down for John Terry’s handball, which was more blatant than Nemanja Matic’s handball before his disallowed goal. Then of course, there was Ivanovic’s elbow on Benteke, which other refs would have given a red for.

Speaking of that earlier game this season between the two sides, remember what the Chelsea boss said about Lambert?

“Paul reminds me of when I was younger, he complains about every decision, exactly how I was ten years ago,” said Mourinho, in his post-match interview with the BBC.

“He needs time to have more maturity and to complain with some decisions, not with every decision. And it was every decision he was complaining about.

“Paul wants to be at the same time – coach, manager and ref,” he added.

Oh, the irony.

Even before the game at Villa Park had begun, Mourinho was there, arm around the 4th official, talking into his ear at length. It’s no surprise, come the end of the match, that you saw the 4th official pointing for Mourinho to get a move on and leave, after being shown red.

Obviously, his sentiments to the Chelsea boss were fast mirroring what the Holte End has been singing to Mourinho throughout the game.

After the first encounter, Mourinho admitted Villa deserved a draw and were unlucky with decisions. Unfortunately, the media aren’t interested when a team like Villa is crying over apparent referee injustice.

The funny thing is, bar the odd 50-50 offside decision, did Chris Foy really get that much wrong? Was his performance any worse than any other referee’s?

Lets look at the key decisions:

The Disallowed Nemanja Matic Goal

Most media, while acknowledging it was the right call, seemed to then dispute how Foy had eventually called it correctly. He initially blew for a goal, he couldn’t have seen the incident clearly, etc, etc. HE GOT THE DECISION RIGHT. Move on.

The Joe Bennett Yellow Card

Some Chelsea fans claim it to be a red.  If Foy had sent Bennett off in that situation, there would have been a much bigger uproar. Ramires was running (and the ball was rolling) diagonally away from the goal. Ron Vlaar was also in attendance and had already shown the speed to run down a couple of Chelsea players through on goal, earlier in the game, despite having ground to make up.

This all happened a good 30-yards away from goal, so factor that into the equation.

In terms of harshness of the tackle, it was very similar to Willian’s challenge that he received his first yellow card for.

The yellow card given by Foy was pretty much spot on.

Willian’s Red

Watching the game live, your first thought was he’s off. The initial reaction was he clipped Delph, but on closer inspection, it was more a hold/touch that unbalanced Delph.

If Willian hadn’t already been on a yellow, when he received this yellow card, there would have been no drama to the decision. Players get yellow cards for less.

There’s no real surprise Foy went for his cards, as Delph was at speed and it looked worse than it was. Still, it was a foul. Vidic got sent off the following day for not even touching Sturridge, so compare and contrast with that, Chelsea fans.

Ramires’ Red

No complaints there.

The Mourinho Sending Off

Before the game kicked-off, as we’ve mentioned, Mourinho was all over the 4th official and obviously couldn’t help himself when it all kicked off after Ramires tried to stomp El Ahmadi’s leg off.

Now, remember, this is the guy that was patronising Paul Lambert for not being mature and for complaining too much. We don’t know what Mourinho said. Maybe the ref was a bit harsh in singling him out, but Mourinho does himself no favours in these situations with his bravado.

From a purely selfish Villa POV, it was the icing on the cake, after his self-righteous posturing earlier in the season.


Personally, I feel Chris Foy has been unfairly made an scapegoat for Chelsea’s defeat. His performance was nothing out of the ordinary in what was a feisty and competitive game.

While the powers that be, don’t see it fit for video replays on key decisions in football matches at this level, then referees are always going to be pressurised and hounded by the Top Four biased media, when one of their favourites gets beaten.

Regardless, what was great to see though, was finally a proper football match at Villa Park. Plenty of incident, passion and effort, and as the cliche goes ‘a good advert for the game’.

You can advertise what you want to Villa fans as consumers, but these are the only adverts they’re really interested in as supporters.


Please comment below your thoughts on Mourinho (no swearing please!) and on the major incidents from the game.




  1. chelsea fans showing zero class in defeat… comical!! forget about contentious decisions thats all swings and roundabouts we deserved the win… even the mancs are showing more dignity in defeat then your lot and look at there position, shameful!!

  2. I hate to say it but “what goes around, comes around ” I was at the match on Saturday and moaning about the Ref doesn’t wash with me. Not once did I see a Villa player go down and roll around like he’d been shot (torres, twice) nor did I see a Villa player waving imaginary cards (too many Chelsea players to mention) at Stamford Bridge earlier this season as mentioned in previous comments, Villa were denied a stone wall penalty and the Elbow on Benteke sending off scenario is still fresh in my mind. Just take the defeat and concentrate on the Galatasaray match and the battle for the title…….simples

  3. Foy would never been mentioned if it had been the other way round. Just how media works, simple as that. Btw, I think the second yellow was a bit harsh.

  4. Well having watched the match at no time did I see Foy warn him for his persistent fouling. Had that been the case then there is an even stronger case for the annoyance with Foy. There were 6 midfielders from both sides who committed worse tackles and more persistantly than Willian.

    Usually a ref will signal clearly to the crowd by pointing to the areas of the field that the play has transgressed in.

    sorry but that just doesn’t cut it.

  5. I think you will find that the second yellow for Willian was NOT simply for the push on Delph, but for PERSISTENT fouling. Foy warned him on no fewer than 3 occasions PRIOR to his second yellow…..some of you clearly didnt watch the whole game!

  6. The second yellow for Willian was a poor decision when seen on a tv replay. Foy’s angle might have given him a distorted perspective though – it can be the only reason. Mourinho sending off may have had something to do with Ramires being the culprit i.e. in light of it being such a nasty challenge and obvious red card for Ramires what the hell was Mourinho doing on the pitch anyway? Perhaps, Foy thought it somewhat understandable that Lambert was concerned about his player. It did occur in last dying seconds of the game. Again, perhaps this is seeing it in a best light for Foy. I’m just trying to offer a reason. Only Foy will know for sure.

    However, when all said and done Chelsea fans, you had your spot of luck during the Villa game at Stamford Bridge (hand ball and elbow). You’re manager has had his moan, now suck it up, and move on. Perhaps, it was an injustice but that’s sport in the real world and now it’s all even. Roubles don’t guarantee everything.

    Clattenburg, made several big errors in the Old Trafford game at the weekend – no red for the handball, Sturridge pen and subsequent red for Vidic, and then no pen for Carrick foul on Sturridge. It was only Liverpool’s complete dominance that focussed attention away from those howlers. Kompany was arguably fouled before bringing down Jelavic but City still scored 2 goals with 10 men away from home so again the ref not an ongoing talking point there either. Willian was not sent off until the 67 minute and it was 0-0. Mourinho was going to take Willian off but changed his mind at the last second possible. He took off Oscar instead probably with the Galatassaray game in mind. He’s probably upset with himself for leaving Willian on. Villa were good value for their win in the end and shackled Hazard effectively. It was a sublime goal.

  7. That comment from Paul who is clearly a Chelsea fan is hilarious!

    So why is “dis” a useless article Paul? Because it isn’t biased towards Chelsea by chance?! Like the rest of the pro Chelsea/London/Mourinho nonsense published in the top4itis inflicted media?

    Exaclty the same small time nonsense that occurred after we beat Arsenal on opening day…It was all “the Ref’s fault”… Just bad losers basically and can’t bear to see a well written accurate version of events as it doesn’t feed the “grand delusion” created by the shockingly biased media.

    None of those decisions were out of the norm although we do have to take into account that 90% of the time the biased officials would take the easy option of giving them in favour of the top 4 side, so you can maybe understand the mass hysteria when an official calls them correctly for once as fans of those clubs get used to benefiting from those decisions week in week out.. Must be a shock when this doesn’t happen for once.

    This is obviously caused because of the behaviour of the managers of those “favoured” clubs, Mourihno in this instance, Wenger on opening day when we beat his Arsenal team and of course Fergie was the master of it for decades! The official knows he will put himself in the centre of a media witch hunt if he dared not show favour to the top 4 club as the managers of those clubs know that this is a huge tool in their armoury which doubtless gains them a bonus dozen or so points over the course of a season………………No wonder it’s always the same clubs at the top eh!….

    Look at Man Utd for instance…, they have lost their monopoly now since Fergie’s departure… This was evident in the almost guaranteed 6 mins injury time (But only if they weren’t winning) and a MASSIVE “rub o the green” bonus in every game. Fergie left and look what’s happened to them this season….There is the evidence in my eyes… It’s little to do with Moyes and much more to do with the sudden drop in huge game changing decisions from officials…Would you honestly tell me any officail would have awarded 3 penalties at Old Trafford under Fergie…..Not a chance!

    I’m convinced this Biased officiating and media pressure is like adding 15 to 20 points onto the points total over a season for those clubs.

    So Congratulations Chris Foy on not bowing to this charade which is like a festering scab on the Premier League!

    • What typifies the whole attitude for me was the commentators & press asking, did Delph mean his goal? Of course he f**king did! If any notable top four player had don the same thing, it would have been ‘what genius!’ no questions asked.

  8. Whoever wrote this article is daft, your thinking is lacking, not a fan of chelsea but a football lover. There are some articles you dont write especially the ones you have little understanding of.

  9. Is this article a Parody. It’s almost child like in its claret and blue bias of Foys handling of the game. Why try and justify the unjustifiable. Villa got lucky, nothing wrong that the luck was the other way round at the Bridge. Take it enjoy it laugh at it but don’t justify it. Correct calls, Matic hand ball, Ramires sending off. What was wrong, Bennett, clear sending off and the 2nd yellow. If Jose is charged for entering the field of play then Lambert and Agbonglahor have to face the same charge. Mourinho and CFC’s complaint is not about Villa, it’s about Foy’s skewed record.

    • I know you have history with Foy (we have our own history with certain refs), but Foy’s performance wasn’t anything special. In a frantic game, there were a few decisions that you’d understand , if they went either way (including Chelsea’s disallowed goal). I agree Jose was singled out for entering the field of play. I’d be surprised if he is charged, unless he said something to the ref.

      • Had Villa lost to Chelsea on Saturday in those circumstances reffed by Friend I’m sure your laissez faire attitude would be somewhat more accusatory I guess. Thing is they didn’t go either way, it went Foy’s way and that’s our beef.

        • Chelsea have got away with it against both Villa and WBA at Stamford Bridge, with harsher decisions. My biggest surprise about the whole game was how well Villa played. To be honest, in our two games, Chelsea have seen the best of Villa this season. Both games were proper ones and preferable to the two cricket score games we’ve had against you.

          If Villa play like that against Man City (we’ve already beaten them this season), we might do Chelsea a favour, if you’re in the title hunt in the final two weeks.

          • The difference is its one decision. Everyone accepts decisions go for the and against them. Villa played well, but couldn’t honestly see either team scoring in the game as both defences played well. As I’ve said fair play to Villa they took the luck and took advantage of it.

            This isn’t about you guys it’s about a ref who has a history of poor decisions against us in our matches.

  10. lol, it seems the more people try to justify Foy’s performance, the more comical it becomes. Only below average journalists attempt to justify it lol

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