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MOMS Fantasy footballl league

Due to popular demand from you lot, MOMS has decided to set up ‘The MOMS Massive League’ on Fantasy Premier League to add some extra fun to the upcoming 2013/14  season.

The league will be a classic league format (we may run a head-to-head one too, but we’ll see what numbers are like first). On top of the banter that should ensue, we’ll be looking to reward your managerial skills with prizes.

The first prizes secured will be pairs of tickets to visit the Sky Sports Studio on Saturday, where you’ll be able to hang out with Jamie Redknapp, David Jones and co, be part of the show, see the updates as they come in, then watch the 5.30pm game there. They’ll also throw in lunch.

(Details will be announced soon, but we’ll give tickets away for the early pace setters (end of Sept), end of year leaders, then some in the New Year too.)

If the league lives up to its name and gets ‘massive’, we’ll also arrange prizes for the placings  2nd to 4th,  ala Champion’s League qualification. Who knows, we might even throw in a Europa League style prize for finishing 5th (I think I still have an unwrapped Aston Villa Bread Press somewhere!). There should also be scope for some ‘Manager of the Month’ prizes or at least the top manager come the turn of the year.

Coincidentally, during this transfer window MOMS has just signed up a writer who specialises in Fantasy Premier League, having written for one of the biggest websites that deals with it. Nick has agreed to give the players involved in the MOMS Massive League some extra special attention, by doing a monthly report on the league with tips and player trends etc. Here is his first column – Best Villa Fantasy Premier League Players

If you haven’t already got an official Fantasy Premier League  team, you can create one by signing up at

To sign your team up for the league, use the following code:


MOMS Massive League (MML) : 683871-164358


Make sure you say hello in the forum and also spread the word to get friends and fellow Villa supporters involved.

Should be a laugh.




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  1. any villa fans fancy joining
    league code Code to join this league: 77776-190227

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