Predict Villa’s Final Points Total DVD Competition

Can you predict Villa’s final points tally for the end of 2011/12 season?

Predict correctly and you have a chance of winning DVD’s for both the remastered version of the classic British football film I.D. (out May 14th) and Eric Cantona’s latest film, Switch.

State of play

Currently Aston Villa are on 36 points with 4 games to play.

The remaining games are:

Bolton (h), West Brom (a), Tottenham (h), Norwich (a)

So with 15 points to play, Villa will finish on a total between 35 and 48 points. Which is unfortunately way down on what we were expecting at the start of the season!

The deadline to send in your predictions (see below for full details) will be before the Bolton game, so 7.45pm on Tuesday 24th April 2012.

 The Winner gets…

The remastered version of the one of the best football-related films I.D.


There’s been a few films try to tackle football hooliganism, but this remains one of the best. John, an ambitious young copper, is sent undercover into the hardcore football gangs to track down the ‘generals’ – the shadowy figures who orchestrate the violence. Gradually, the hard-drinking and hard-fighting world proves irresistible and John slowly finds himself turning into one of the thugs he has been sent to bring down.


Switch – King Eric a future James Bond?


Once the king of Manchester United, and more importantly, in the United team that Villa beat in the 1994 League Cup final at Wembley, Cantona provides further proof of his credible transistion into film. Well, he’s more credible than Jason Statham as an action star…

Cantona plays Detective Forgeat in the action thriller about a holiday that goes drastically wrong for Sophie Malaterre, an unemployed fashion designer, when the appearance of a beheaded body suddenly makes her life complicated.


Email: with:

1) Subject: IDSwitch

2) Your end of season predicted points tally for Aston Villa.

3) And the answer to this question:

What was the English or French title of the film Eric Cantona starred in 2003 as an obese (very fat) police Inspector?

The answer can be found in MOMS interview with Cantona. Just look for a picture of a fat Cantona! See link:

You have until the kick-off of the crucial Bolton game at Villa Park (7.45pm on Tuesday 24th April 2012) to email in your entry.

The small print

I’ll put up a list of people still in for a shout for the prize before the final game vs Norwich in early May. If there’s a few people still in the running, then the tie-breaker for those still involved will be to guess the score of the Norwich vs Villa game.

If there is still more than one person standing, the remaining names will be put on a piece of paper and a draw will be made for the winner. A lottery, like penalties.

I’ll then email the winner and get their address details to pass onto the film company for posting out the winning prize.

Due to the region of DVD and posting, the competition is open to UK and Ireland My Old Man Said facebook followers only. Sorry to the rest of the world.

Good luck and Bon chance.