What We Learnt as Aston Villa Fans This Week After Liverpool Slip-up


Aston Villa fans already know their team won’t win every game until the end of the season, but at least Villa are playing to. Good game against Liverpool. Wrong result. What we’ve learnt this week

1 – Naïve

We knew Luis Suarez would try and get behind and cut inside. We knew that Philippe Coutinho is a brilliant dribbler and would try and do the same, and we knew that Liverpool were full of internationals easily capable of doing us damage. So why did we let them do what they do best? Because we’re painfully naïve and though we’re dangerous going forward we lack the necessary concentration to deal with the most basic of dangerous situations.

2 – Stay on your feet

That’s what they teach during the first day of defensive school, is it not? Suarez was going nowhere when Baker clattered into him, and if he’d stood him up, back up would have arrived and the crisis would have been averted. Ifs and buts, eh?
He knew Suarez was going to cut inside too, that’s what he does. But let’s not be too harsh on him. Although he’s proved that he is adept at giving away silly fouls like Clark, he’d had a pretty solid game up until the goals went in. He will learn from this.

3 – ‘Too many Indians, not enough Chiefs’

Having said all of that, though, the key difference between the sides was Steven Gerrard. They have a general and we are sorely missing ours. Both teams had their chances, but it was Gerrard who pulled the strings, Gerrard who scored the penalty, and Gerrard who pulled off the goal line clearance.

We desperately need someone like him over the summer.

4 – Talk is cheap

We’ve been here before, whenever one of our players is consistent, the transfer talk is inevitable. Christian Benteke won’t be at the club for years and years, we know that, but if we do stay up then he will not be going anywhere next season.

We don’t have to sell, so let his agent flap his gums, it’s what they do and when the time comes, he’ll get his wedge. Patience is a virtue.

5 – The kids are all right

A hearty congratulations is in order for the development squad as this week they reached the final of the NextGen Series. There is some real talent in that side, though, there always has been, but it’s always good to see the kids doing well.

For anyone that doesn’t know; the tournament is being shown on Eurosport and Villa will play Chelsea today (Monday 1st) at 5pm.


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