What We Learnt As Aston Villa Fans after Predictable Manchester United Defeat


Well, even the most blindly optimistic fan expected Manchester United to win at Old Trafford and pick up the title. The next four games were always going to be the ones that decided Villa’s fate. So what did we learn as Villa fans?

1 – Easier to open than a bag of crisps

Ok, so, on evidence, all three United goals were offside, but we should have been more than capable of dealing with two of them.

Fulham carved us open at will last weekend, and United carried on where they left off. We got away with it against the Londoners because their forwards aren’t as good (and because they don’t have a team of officials on their side,) but it’ll make for uncomfortable viewing if the sides we have left to play pick up on this. We’ve recovered from a lot of our bad habits already this season because we had the time to do so. We don’t have time anymore.

2. No final ball

I’m sure I wasn’t the only to feel that we had a goal in us during that second half, and it was disappointing not to get one. Our forward three looked dangerous in spells, but came away looking frustrated with each other.

And it must be frustrating to do it all on your own, especially at Old Trafford. For all the good work our midfield can do they often don’t help the attackers when going forward. I’m a big fan of Delph and Westwood, but it’s clear we need someone to mop up and someone to cut inside over the summer.

3 – You know your team has problems when a 40-year-old man skins them

Really, Lowton, really?

4 – Nothing more than a side note

Many of us were hoping for an upset, more of us would have killed for a point, but in truth we were only there to make up the numbers. It was United’s night and we were a mere obstacle and it was sods law that they won the title on a night when we were the visitors.

5 – Just be better than Wigan

There’s still a lot to play for, but looking at the table we’ve just got to pick up more points then them. That’s it, that’s our single, solitary job.

Wigan have a backlog of games coming thick and fast, as well as an FA Cup final to worry about. They will tire. We have a relatively kind run in (Chelsea fixture aside) and all we have to do is be one point better, just one point.

We can do it. We will do it. Have faith. UTV


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