What We Learned As Villa Fans This Week…after Arsenal Stalemate

Aston Villa 0 Arsenal 0

Every game is a learning curve…and while the 0-0 at Villa park may have lacked goals there was plenty of positive lessons to be taken away from the game.  So…what did we learn this week?

With Steven Green

 1 – We’re actually a good side when we pass it around.

There were times in the first half when we had Arsenal camped in their own half. The options up front allow us to spread the play out wide to cut in, but also gives us the option of crowding the middle, making us tough to break through. Arsenal were there for the taking, and we were unlucky not to come away with three points but…

2 – If we play that way against the ‘smaller teams’ we’ll be okay!

The last three fixtures have been cruel to say the least. We knew they were coming and we knew they’d be tough. They’d have been tough games for anybody and despite imploding against City we gave a good account of ourselves against United and Arsenal. We pretty much expected to come away from these games with nothing, but they’re over now, we can move on. The upcoming fixtures are must wins, and more importantly, games we can win. Seven points out of nine will set up nicely for the festive run.

3 – Ashley Iniestwood and Lionel Bannan

The more this guy Westwood plays, the better we look. He has the potential to be Paul Lambert’s biggest signing so far and despite a slow start he’s now so vital that Stephen Ireland and Brett Holman are more sacrificial. Bannan too, who Westwood has formed an effective partnership with, is finally starting to display the form that we all hoped he had in him. Neither is the finished article, by any means, but they are functioning in a way that helps the team consolidate and push forward.

4 – Andi Weimann

First off, I’m a big fan. His work rate is terrific and he has goals in him. My only concern is that as a natural centre forward he won’t score as many as he could where he’s playing now, but also won’t be as effective in that area as a natural left-sided attacking midfielder would be. He’s not a weak link, but realistically we have to ask how long he’ll be able to do that role and simultaneously push us on.

5 –Shopping list

With January just around the corner we can all start frantically tuning into Sky Sports News every ten minutes to see what the latest gossip is. So far, there have been no concrete leads, but we can all speculate. I want Tom Ince and a solid, ball winning defensive midfielder. Who do you want?


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Steven Green, one of the hosts of the AVFC Review podcast and writer for Shoot Magazine and a fellow Real Oviedo shareholder. Also check out his band @echolakeband

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