Lambert’s Limes – The Villa Supporter’s Away Day Experience at Fulham


After a cheeky breakfast at Chez Kez we made the venture across London to the leafy suburbs of Putney, deliciously littered with claret and blue, we headed towards The Larrik Inn, a nice little Aussie boozer. The place was rammed by 1pm with Villa supporters, the beer was flowing and the mighty Villa army were in full voice. Taking inspiration from the day’s earlier Soccer Am broadcast, any slightly chubby male was greeted with a round of ‘Have you ever seen a salad, ever seen a salad, ever seen a salad in your life?’. Genius.  The poor Aussies seemed to have a little trouble understanding us Brummies…the best translation I heard was ‘Paul Lambert’s Creme Brulee’.

To get to Craven Cottage you have to cross through a church, unfortunately the day 3,000 Villa fans decided to march across the sacred turf, one oblivious pair happened to be getting married. I really hope they weren’t about to say ‘I do’, at the moment ‘Oi oh, Oi oh, it’s up the Holte we go’ was belting out, which everyone minus the Bride and Groom to turn around to view the commotion, much to the delight of the passing Villans.

When finally I got to the ground five minutes before kick off, the stand was already bouncing . Won’t dwell too much on the football, as there isn’t much to say that won’t turn this post into a moan. Instead, it must be said, while I thought the Yid Army were quiet the other weekend, amazingly Fulham outdid them! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember a single chant. Do they even have any?

However, silent it was not. The sell out away support saw the foundations of the Putney End tested to their limits, after about 10 minutes plus of ‘Paul Lambert’s Claret + Blue Army’ (see video below).



Another particular highlight for me was when the 10 or so lads at the front of the Villa end started chanting ‘You glow in the dark, you glow in the dark’ at the stewards in fluro green below, who tried really hard not to crack a smile, but the short blonde one couldn’t resist a cheeky chuckle.

Overall, the game breezed by fairly insignificantly for myself; same old issues with the Villa, and you all know what they are.

But magnificent support once more…if only that somehow translated to points.



I asked my twitter followers ‘tweople’ to sum up the season so far  in five words...

‘A worrying lack of goals’

‘Very, very, very, very, dull’

‘We really must do better’

‘Solid defence not creating enough’

‘Got to give it time’

‘In Lambert we still trust’

‘One bloody awful shambolic mess’


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  1. Go sit in the home end and you cant hear the away fans for shit. Its the acoustics. SERIOUSLY.

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