Keinan Davis Allegedly Scouted by PL Teams/McCormack Move

Davis Fancy

Football scouts at any football games are obviously not an unusual occurrence and they come for a multitude of reasons.

Some come to check-in on the progress of young assets out on loan. So expect to see regular appearances at Villa games from scouts from Manchester United to watch Sam Johnstone and from Spurs to keep tabs on Josh Onomah.

Then of course, there’s forward planning for future transfer windows. From scouts at U-23 games plotting for the far future to more immediate first team match scouting.

Premier League clubs will obviously keep an eye out for talent young players in the Championship making a name for themselves.

The Daily Mirror reported today that there’s been heat from PL clubs for Keinan Davis. The story though was solely based on published the scouting list (below) as justification of this.


scouting list burton aston villa


Of course, this is purely speculative and hardly really a story, but it does add to the stakes of Villa getting promoted.

If the club fail to get to the Premier League this season, yet Davis continues to impress, the vultures may swoop. Certainly, the likes of Jonathan Kodjia and James Chester would look to a move to the Premier League too.

Hopefully though Villa will continue improving and end up a Premier League team themselves.

In terms of Davis, when any young player has a few good games, there’s always been a trend for newspapers to spin such ‘wanted’ stories.

Davis is still proving he can play for Villa in the Championship, never mind the likes of Arsenal & co.

Future Fixtures

Looking at the above scout list though, certain scouts will be present to also provide intel to their first team manager for forthcoming fixtures.

Did you spot the two scouts from Wolves and one from Bolton, which are two of Villa’s upcoming games?

Two from Wolves. Looks like they’ll be taking the October clash very seriously!

McCormack Move

MOMS hasn’t got round to reporting Ross McCormack’s move to Australia on the website, so we’ll mention it here.

The deal apparently has been signed off on and McCormack will be down under to be unveiled by Melbourne City on Sunday as they prepare to kick-off their new season in just over a week’s time against Brisbane Roar on October 6.

The loan is initially until January.

Normally a move to the Australian A-League would perhaps come when a player is 32-years-old onwards, ala Emile Heskey’s move to the Newcastle Jets. Where the former Villa man managed to score more goals (10) there than in twice as many games for Villa.

After failing to get any kind of move in England, it looks like he’s leaving for the Australian A-League to get himself fit and provide him with a better chance in the January transfer window of finding a new club.

Joining Melbourne City would be good lifestyle wise and an experience for McCormack. Plus, it’ll be a chance to enjoy his football again.

Villa, while they’ll no doubt have to fork up some/most of his wages, at least will have one less distraction to deal with in an important season.


New podcast episode incoming…