Jordan Amavi Carried Off in U-21 International With Serious-looking Injury

Jordan Amavi Injury

Just when Aston Villa supporters thought the team’s French revolution was underway in earnest with the appointment of new Villa boss Rémi Garde, one of his legion looks like they could be sidelined for a while.

Villa left-back Jordan Amavi was carried off in France U-21’s 1-0 against Ireland with a nasty looking injury. It’s difficult to say at the moment what it is, but judging by the pictures and video it looks more like a dislocation of the patella or torn/ruptured ligaments, but the fact he was carried off the pitch and not stretchered directly off it, as some French press first reported, is an encouraging sign.

Still, knowing Villa’s luck, he’ll probably be out for the season!

Of course, it easy to fear the worst, but from the look on Amavi’s face it doesn’t look like  something he’s going to shake off in a week or two.

jordan amavi

It’s rotten timing for both Villa and also the player himself, who had become the starting left-back again, after the new Villa started selecting Villa’s strongest XI again, after some strange selections of his predecessors.

It looks like Richardson will resume left-back duties in the short-term, but that’s not exactly going to help Villa’s fight for survival. Will Garde be able to bring back Joe Bennett or Aly Cissokho (will update when I have time to check loan details), or will Garde use one of the utility defenders to fill in? Clark and Lescott have both played left-back before and José Ángel Crespo is also versed at full-back too.

Amavi had shown great potential for Villa, especially going forward, and was only going to get better. It’s a blow, but lets wait to hear the results of the scan before we get too gloomy. UTV

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  1. If its blown ligaments, do we have a recall on Cissokho? Crespo was supposed to be able to play across the back, he’s been value for money. Richardson has never really convinced me, it’s not where he really wants to play and it shows a bit. For Amavi I hope it is just a sprain.

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