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The 26th Anniversary of the Hillsborough 96



26 years go, 96 football supporters went to a FA Cup semi-final and never came back.

It was a chilling day that afterwards showed the worst of the government, the police, the media and bureaucracy on a whole. It showed how humanity can twist protecting self-interest to become ugly and shameless.

At the same time, we have seen the strength of the human spirit and its steadfast will over decades, against all odds, in seeking the truth. We’ve seen the strength of family, the strength of community and the solidarity of those who maybe your rivals in sport but are your friends in life.

Football supporters come from all walks of life, yet as we saw from the demonisation of our own fans during the coverage of Aston Villa’s FA Cup quarter-final game, media attitudes certainly haven’t changed from 26 years ago. It is they who are stuck in ‘the dark ages’.

RIP the 96. It’s sad they won’t be at Sunday’s game.



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