Jack Grealish Exit Transfer Links Begin as Spurs are Touted

Vultures Incoming

The symbolic beacon of Aston Villa’s financial demise was always going to be the selling of Jack Grealish. If Tony Xia (or any incoming owner) could keep the homegrown potential Villa hero at the club next season, then that would mean any financial crisis would have been muted.

On the pitch, Grealish is vital next season in providing the team with a beating heart, identity and style. Plus, he’ll give supporters belief that the team can still challenge next season.

In the long-term (which the current owners have seriously endangered), Grealish could be the club’s talisman and if he does finally go in a few seasons time, it would be for twice or three times what he would go for now.

In MOMS eyes, if Jack goes, it rubber stamps Tony Xia’s failure.

The New Ricky Villa

Moving on, the first suitor out of the blocks according to a Daily Telegraph story is Spurs, with Mauricio Pochettino allegedly identifying Grealish ‘as a prime summer target’.

The article paints Spurs chairman Daniel Levy as an opportunist vulture (true to his reputation) looking to swoop in and strip Xia of his main asset at a bargain price.

‘Levy will believe he can get Grealish for as little as £15m, despite Villa’s attempts to stress they will not sell their prized asset on the cheap,’ writes Matt Law.

Ex Villa loanee Josh Onomah could be in the mix, either by simply putting in a good word (either way) or potentially being offered up as a make-weight loan in any deal.

With Grealish buddies with Dele Ali from International youth games, it’s a move that could potentially appeal from a footballing development point of view. More so than interest from the likes of Leicester City and Newcastle. Also, they’ll be the added bonus of Champions League football.

The big question is whether the Villa owner will see how the next few weeks pan out, before deciding whether to sell off the club’s prized silver, or go for the early sale to put out existing fires before they spread?


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  1. It might be a good idea for our owner to jump in and quash all of this cut price Grealish nonsense. It’s getting out of hand and needs to be sorted now.

  2. Not since the days Gordon Cowans & Gary Shaw have we produced a talent like Jack. You cannot replace his ability it is unique, you can’t buy his commitment to the cause, only a rabid Lion can have that. Selling Grealish would be selling part of our soul. What will we get in return, three geriatric donkeys who will pass sideways, sideways, back all afternoon. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.

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