How Villa’s Squad Will be Reshuffled and Fan Consultation Group Meeting Insights

Aston Villa Squad Summer Transfer Window Shuffle

Since the first edition of the , I’ve had the pleasure of an audience with Aston Villa CEO Christian Purslow in a recent Aston Villa Fan Consultation Group meeting. These twice-a-year meetings with the Villa CEO are always useful to get a gage of where the club thinks it is and what they have planned in the near future.

As well as getting confirmation and a little more detail on the proposed Villa Park expansion (which I covered before the meeting in the first edition of AVWFT), we got to see a club report on Villa Park pricing over the past 10 seasons, that will feed into their pricing for next season.

In the current economic climate, this is obviously something of a concern for many season ticket holders and match-going supporters, so there’s an update on this in the second edition of AVWTF.

Also, in the edition, is a look at Villa’s approach to the summer transfer window, as detailed by the Villa CEO, and a hint at how different the team will look come the start of next season.

There’s also mention at how the country’s Euros 2028 bid will help the Villa Park expansion plans and who the club have got in to help with fan engagement on the project.

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Purslow opened up about the growing pains of running a football club outside the top six in the current framework of the Premier League, UEFA and FA. He spoke about the realities in the game that Covid had exposed, a strategic review of Financial Fair Play, his opposition for the latest Champions League reform involving the FA Cup, and the much more, which will be covered in next week’s AVWTF.


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The second edition includes:

  • Villa’s summer transfer window approach
  • Villa Park pricing concerns
  • Euros 2028 influence on Villa Park expansion
  • External PR firm involved in ‘Villa fan engagement’

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