How to Get a Discount on the New Aston Villa Home Kit 2020/21 Season

Aston Villa Home Shirt 2020/21

Aston Villa’s survival effort last weekend made sure that the Premier League badges would stay on the new Aston Villa home shirt, which was revealed today. Kappa, in it’s second year of being the club’s shirt provider, also launched the first set of training wear too.

One thing retaining the club’s Premier League status meant was there wasn’t any chance of a price reduction, this year the main shirt – both men’s and women’s – has gone up by a cheeky two pounds to £57. The ‘elite’ match day shirt has jumped a tenner up to £90 though.

Still, it could be worse, spare a thought for Spurs fans though, who have to fork out £70 for the standard shirt and £100 for the ‘Elite’ version.

Yes, they really went there and made a new club shirt a three-figure deal!

Kappa normal shirt again carries the ‘slim fit’ design, so fans should consult the below sizing guide and use their experience of last season to work out a suitable size.

In short, both versions of the kit are not pie and beer friendly, so size up.

In terms of the shirt’s aesthetic (see below or MOMS Instagram for close-ups), it’s certainly an improvement on last year’s shirt in MOMS opinion. A pretty much straight-up Villa home shirt that at least looks to have a nice feel to it. The design fireworks normally come with the away and third kit to be honest, which have their release staggered as usual, with the away shirt expected to launch in the back end of August.

MOMS 10% Saving

Simple, use the code MOMS10 to get 10% off at Aston Villa’s online store

UPDATE – The club have now made the code exempt on new kits

While it’s hard to get discounts on brand new stuff, in the tradition of the MOMS Shop page (where MOMS sources discount codes and offers to get the best price on current, vintage and retro Villa shirts), we’ve managed to get a discount code to at least save you some pennies on the new Kappa Villa gear – will certainly come in handy for the elite shirt!

Click here to order – Aston Villa Home Kit Options

Kappa Size Guide

From Kappa’s official site

Other New Offerings

As well as the home kit Aston Villa and Kappa and released the new goalkeeper shirt and selected training tops.

Aston Villa Home Goalkeeper Shirt

It was always going to be hard to beat the black shirt of last season, but the lime/neon green trim on the green keeper shirt works well. It’ll be interesting to see what other colour variants appear later on in pre-season.

To pre-order – Goalkeeper Shirt

Aston Villa Training Wear

Training wear has certainly become a growth cottage industry of its own. MOMS lost count of the amount of training wear that was launched throughout last season. The first offerings off the rank includes this shirt, which is probably the best of the bunch.

This one retails at £39 and offers up the most adventurous design of anything released in the first wave of 2020/21 gear.

To pre-order – Aston Villa Training Kit Selection

All pre-ordered 2020/21 Villa kit will begin to ship next week and the away shirt launch is expected to be the second half of August.


Use the code MOMS10 for 10% off.



  1. Just heard that Abraham’s has played his last game for Chelsea, Arsenal are said to be interested, so come on Villa he would suit us fine.

  2. Personally it doesn’t do anything for me so won’t be spending money on it. I think it could have been much better.

  3. i like the shirt but really hope they launch a full sleeve version. i have not bought a shirt in 2 years just because its too cold to wear through the winter months. i usually just buy a long sleeve training top which i can wear on a regular basis.

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