How Birmingham City Fans Are Being Ripped Off by 200%

Kit Con

It’s the time for new kits…well, as usual, Aston Villa fans will have to wait a little longer to see their new shirt revealed, but in the meantime at least there’s some entertainment to be had from Birmingham City’s latest shirt.

My barber, a Blues fan, recently commented on how the new Blues shirt was a nice one and how he was actually going to buy it for a change.

Well, I have some good news and bad news for him…and weirdly, the good news is the bad news.

Good and Bad News

To be fair, it’s not a bad design. Nice white shoulder details and at least the price at £45 is below the dreaded £50 figure. But…

Birmingham City shirt 2018

It appears that if you log on any sports goods website that sells generic kits that you may have seen the Birmingham City shirt design before…

Isn’t this the standard blue Adidas ‘Regista 18’ shirt that you can actually pick up for the cost of just £14.95?

Adidas Regista 18

adidas blues kit 2018

It is you know!

Further bad news for Blues fans is that they are paying 200% more for the same shirt that just has their badge on and the club sponsor.

Yes, you’re paying an extra £30 to have the dubious privilege of being a human advertising board for a betting company.

Still, the good news is that if you can get your hands on a Blues badge (just recycle one from an old shirt), you can stitch or glue it on and save yourself a few quid.


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  1. As if you actually took time to write an article about them, shocking.

    Hate it tbf when people say they’re obsessed with us, we’re obsessed with them – that’s just a rivalry and tbh it’s class we’ve got a proper one rather thna a poxy Brighton/Palace or Ipswich/Norwich one.

    That said, this is bordering on obsession and we’ve got enough on our plates atm to be looking at the Blues!

  2. Why does the Second City of the UK attract mediocre, third rate investment in its football teams? Birmingham and the West Mids should have clubs and facilities to rival London and Manchester but the region is struggling to rival towns and cities the size of Hull and Swansea. It does not add up. Why is the Second City being allowed to stagnate and fail?

  3. Did you want to buy one? All football fans have a choice. For £50 I can go on 3 away trips or buy tickets for 4 home games. I can turn up in any shirt I chose. Economics mate not the Vile’s strongest suit at the moment is it?

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