Holte End Display Planned for Boxing Day Clash with Crystal Palace

Brigada 1874 plan Holte End display on Boxing Day


Last season, despite the proverbial winter of discontent over the Christmas period, in an attempt to lift the team and supporter spirits the Brigada 1874 Aston Villa supporters organised a streamer display before the Boxing Day match (see above picture). This season, the group based in L8 of the Holte are planning a prematch flag display as the players run out onto the pitch. If you’re sitting in L8 for the match, make sure you get involved (they’ll be a flag waiting for you on your seat). If you’re elsewhere in the Holte, please get into the spirit of things and bring your own flags, scarves, balloons etc to give a festive boost to the atmosphere to help the team to the three much needed three points.

Visual Holte End displays can only help lift the players and give them added pride in an attempt to improve Villa’s home form. Hopefully there will be more planned for the rest of the season.  UTV


Message from the Brigada 1874 Supporter Group


For the game against Crystal Palace on Boxing Day we’ve organised a display to cover the majority of L8. If you have a seat in the section, or know you will be there for the game on Boxing Day, please try to arrive at least five minutes before kick off where you will find either a claret or a blue flag on your seat. As the players run towards the Holte End if you have a flag get them waving! To make the biggest visual impact it’s important that everyone gets involved and is there on time. We really appreciate everyone’s help in making this display work.


Brigada 1874


If you have an idea for a Holte End display, please do get in touch or leave a comment below. UTV


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  1. Was in seat 210 last min deal made to feel very welcome by a good mix of both younger and older passionate supporters need more like them and will be looking for seats in that area again utv

  2. Don’t bother, these bunch of idiots are 15 or 16 year old kids who’s balls haven’t dropped, should remain banned.

    • Gary, where do you get this idea that brigada are 15-16 years old? And where do you get the impression that we’ve ever been banned, both your assumptions are incorrect.

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