The Hammers Big Sam on Aston Villa

By now you’ve probably read what Paul Lambert has said about the forthcoming season opener vs West Ham, so rather than rehash that, lets look at how the opposition views the visit of Aston Villa.

Excerpts of Sam Allardyce’s press conference on the game:

Would you agree that facing Aston Villa at home represents a comfortable start to the season?

SA – “Everybody said that Cardiff City at home was a comfortable start last season and we ended up getting beat 1-0 in the last minute. I don’t think there is any kind of comfortable start in the Premier League. I think there is a possibility that we could get off to a good start if we give a good account of ourselves. We are looking for a good performance by our players and that may give us a chance to win the first game here at Upton Park at the start of a new Premier League season. I think we all need to be a little apprehensive, certainly myself. It doesn’t matter how good or bad I think we are as I won’t really know until we play in the Barclays Premier League.”

Would you agree that you have a reasonable start against typically mid-table sides?

SA – “I would agree to a certain extent in the sense that they are a reasonable set of games because we have avoided getting the top boys on a regular basis which is always going to be tough no matter when you play them. We have a group of games that give us the opportunity to get off to as good a start as we possibly can.”

What kind of Aston Villa side are you expecting?

SA – “A very determined and organised side. Paul Lambert’s record in terms of moving into a new club and instantly getting results stands for itself. I think he will get them playing a system that suits the players and get them playing the best they possibly can. For us it’s about making sure we play at the top of our game against a side that has been established in the top league for a very long time now. We have got some players with Premier League experience but it’s been a year since we have been there. We are looking forward to getting back, we will deliver our best and of course try and win as many games as we can. The first game is as important as the last game in my opinion, and if we win the first game it gets everybody off to a nice pleasant start. If you get three points in the bag it builds the confidence of the club getting rid of any anxiety anybody may have or at least reduce it.”

What are your dreams for the coming season?

SA – “My dreams are to try and get the team to finish in a position where there has been little or no pressure on them from a relegation point of view, so as near to a top-ten finish as we can.”


Whatever, Sam…come on Villa lets just hammer them. UTV.


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