Hallelujah! Emile Heskey Set To End Up As Far Away From Villa Park As Possible.


Once Emile Heskey was finally off Aston Villa’s wage bill, there was one final curious thought that crossed most Villa fan’s minds. What team would be suckered into signing him?

The 34-year-old Heskey is heading Down Under to Australia, after the ex-Villa striker had productive talks with Australian A-League side Newcastle Jets.

A one-year deal was snatched off the table by Heskey and the nation of  Australia faces the potential match-up of Emile Heskey vs Alessandro Del Piero (a rematch from their epic battle at the Peace Cup Final in 2009…*cough cough*) in the second round of games in A-League season. With Del Piero recently signing for Sydney FC.

The Jets last night declined to comment upon how many Jets fans will be at the airport to receive the former England striker…

Often called the ‘player’s player’ by dignified teammates, unfortunately, he was never considered a ‘supporter’s player’ by Villa supporters, with his record of 9 goals in 92 games, his worst record at any of the teams he played for. His only supporters at Villa became those who started to feel sorry for him.

If any Villa supporter had witnessed the incident below as MOMS did at Villa Park in our game against Manchester United last season, it was hard to feel any loss after his contract expired (although we do wish him the best Down Under).

We have Christian Benteke now, and as Paul Lambert puts it, he’s “a different type of player.”

Hallelujah to that!


PS – To balance it up a little, please put your favourite Emile Heskey moment in the comments below.


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  1. To this day I still feel the only reason any manager ever picked Heskey was because they were scared he’d come round their house and beat them up.There is no other logical explanation why multiple **mostly sane** managers picked him.

  2. When me and my mates had a deal where if Heskey scored in the premiership last season we would all buy Heskey shirts. Surprise surprise. No shirts.

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