Great Escape Completed – Opportunity Knocks for Aston Villa (and Grealish)

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What’s Next for Villa?

Four games to go to the end of the season and most people had written off Aston Villa in terms of Premier League survival in what was ultimate a rebuilding season in their return to English football’s top tier. Seven points off safety, it was looking grim for Dean Smith’s men.

A solid final unbeaten four matches though, finished off with a 1-1 draw at West Ham, and Villa miraculously survived by a point.

Now the Villa picture one is very about the future. If last summer was about adding quantity, this transfer window is very much about adding quality. With the impact of Covid on the football industry, Jack Grealish’s future is not necessarily what the press pack have painted it to be…or willed it to be. Behind the scenes, it seems like the owners are wanting the club’s management to step up the ambition, after consolidating their position in the Premier League.

With Villa’s Football Director Suso Garcia Pitarch, the man who previously led the club’s recruitment, now out of the door, Villa need to get their transfer plan together swiftly, as there’s some pivotal decisions to be made.

Should they get in another number one calibre keeper to compete with an injury-prone Tom Heaton? Can they find a proven goalscorer to improve their striker options? Can the club draft in the type of wide men or midfielder to compliment and convince their current captain, that it might very well be worth sticking around?

In a My Old Man Said podcast show in reaction to ‘Survival Sunday’, we start to discuss what staying up now means for Aston Villa and their captain Jack Grealish. Laying the ground for the discussions to come on the show.


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  1. In defence of my Trez post, I have not been his greatest fan until seasons end and was impressed by those videos. I feel that he is about the right age to start to develop as a player and live up to his obvious potential. How often do we hear fans bemoan the fact that we let this or that youngster go when he appears years later and scores against us. Players are released for a variety of reasons some of which we as fans are not aware of. They develop and get better with age, not all youngsters fulfil their potential but some are worth a second look, Trezeguet is a little older and I feel is one of the latter but as Bigc said not as a winger, I see him in the No 10 Jack role dragging the play through midfield driving at and unlocking opposition defences. IMO(humble though it may be) UTV

  2. I don’t think Jack’s banging on the managers door asking for a transfer. If a crazy offer of 80 million plus comes in for him, then both player and club should discuss and thrash things out to be fair on the club and Jack. Also, we need to watch that Douglas Luis isn’t poached while all eyes are on Jack.

    Not sure what to say about Trez. Yes he came good when it mattered, but unlike that other post I’ve just read from David, I must say I’ve seen him play an awful lot of terrible games, where he gives the ball away too easily, bangs in a cross that goes over everyone’s head. I like his work effort and his eye for goal, but he’s no winger, he’s an old fashioned number 10. Other than that position IMO he’s not an asset. In that position, sniffing around the box like he does, great! Sadly we don’t really line up like that. The position of inside right or inside left has vanished for some odd reason.

    Players like Samatta, El Ghazi, Davis aren’t quite what I’d call achievers at Premiership level. Davis would be if he can shot on target, which sadly he can’t. Having said that, he’s better than Wesley, at least he’s quick and isn’t easily knocked off the ball.

    I think the board should show Jack they have ambition and let him know the talent they intend to sign. In all fairness to Jack, if the club are going bargain basement again, maybe he deserves to play for a more ambitious club.

  3. My personal feeling about the Jack Grealish situation is I believe he will stay with us for at least another season, he is in a difficult position contracted for 3 years, I don’t see him asking for a transfer from his boyhood club, and our owners have made it clear Jack is not for sale we are no longer a selling club they don’t need the money so I can’t see them budging on their 80m valuation.
    Man U are all talk the truth is they haven’t got the money and they can only offer Jack rotational appearances. Jacks form is not going to dip because there is an England place at stake. I stand to be corrected but that’s my personal opinion.

  4. I have watched several utube video clips of Trezeguet and was absolutely blown away by what I saw. Every clip showed the same sort of action, so not a one of flash in the pan performance. He is mercurial oozes class and is an absolute dribble wizard bringing the ball from midfield charging at defences and causing mayhem. He has it all, ball control, vision, skill,tenacity, is a goal threat and his work rate is amazing. The clips show a player high on confidence at the top of his game taking responsibility. Maybe this season with all the changes, new country new team, language, corona etc,etc, came to soon for him, but having seen the video evidence it is easy to see why he was recruited, he is young and can only get better, I am sure the Villa have not seen the best of Trez and there’s much more to come. IMO to let him go would be a hugh mistake. We have a good base to build on and should avoid wholesale sweeping changes. I agree with Colin about Samatta and Davies and would add Nakamba to the departure list. Would be great to keep Jack and Luiz, we need proven goalscorers, UTV

  5. Just sign quality no more dross, have a go at Abraham’s PL experience is what we need, although Benrahma might be a decent signing, personally I would let Samatta and Davis go might be controversial but it’s big business and to be successful you have to be ruthless, DS deserves a bit longer but review after 10 games, no way we can end up doing what we did last year, mid table at least next season. Our owners will make their decision on Jack but if 80 million is their valuation so be it. No one will get him on the cheap. And for now he’s contracted to the club for 3 years. We have to wait and see, hopefully not too long.

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