The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Villa Arsenal Collapse

“It all started so well” is the phrase that can be used to sum up both Villa’s season so far and the 0-3 defeat to Arsenal at Villa Park. Villa’s title hopes (disclaimer: sarcasm has been used here) were dented by an Arsenal side presumably unable to believe their luck with the defending for the second and third goals. Here’s the Good, the Bad and Ugly as Villa’s unbeaten start in the Premier League was ended.

The Good

The confidence that must have been coursing through the squad prior to kick-off shone through in the first half an hour, for which I would argue that Villa actually played about as well as they have all season. Villa started the game really well, pressing hard and closing down quickly and taking the game to an Arsenal defence who just did not look comfortable with Villa’s high tempo.

Although Ciaran Clark should have scored his headed chance midway through the first half, Tom Cleverley already looks to have the best set-piece distribution of any player at Villa in a good few years, which bodes well for the return of Christian Benteke and Libor Kozák. His passing before Villa fell apart after the first goal went in was superb.

Today was the only the second game of the season that Villa had had more than one shot on target. Usually this would have been a good thing, but considering the result I’d suggest we revert to just having one shot on target and scoring it.



The virus running through Villa’s squad undoubtedly would have had an effect on at least certain players’ performances. Considering the team’s performance in the opening half an hour and the way that they were able to keep Arsenal at bay during the second half despite the stomach bug, Villa fans should probably not get too het up about a defeat that was inflicted purely during a four-minute period during the first half.

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  1. I was also shocked at Huttons renewal. Would have rather he was left playing for a contract until the end of the season. Really pleased Lambert renewed though, he is a much better manager than he seems to get credit for and he must be encouraged by the future direction of the club as who would want to work for a place that doesn’t have any ambition other than survival.

    I didn’t get to see the match, but it did seem from the reports that the score flattered Arse. But Ciaran isn’t up to scratch yet and I wonder if he ever will be. Showed how important Westwood is to the team even though he flies under the radar mostly. Sanchez looked shaky to me the first time he played against Hull, would never have started if the lads weren’t ill, case in point he only got 5 minutes a Liverpool. Rotating the team is important and keeping the team fresh was an underlying reason for my non disappointment for dropping out of the least financially rewarding cup competition. (Carefully avoided the words Mickey Mouse)

    Overall still happy with the club, and if we extend Delph and Grealish we can lose the next three games and I wouldn’t notice.

  2. while on knee jerk reactions a mention to Huttons new deal, everybody has been on the love in for weeks but he was terrible again on the weekend and looked lazy. we’ll be seeing alot of goals coming down the right hand side this season, way too much space afforded to players and no positional sense! We still have more points then most of us expected by this stage (and probably till november) but we need to start moving the squad around or we’ll have 11 tired players and 11 disgruntled ones come february like a MON team, richardson isnt a week in week out starter!!!

  3. these things happen,,, and we looked really good till the goal and then we just lost confidence and were punished,,
    we are going to lose games,,, and today we needed to take that big chance , but sanchez and cleverly
    will improve, sanchez does look like he can break up play very well and cleverly needs games

    and poor old clarke,, he has to be dropped in at the deep end again,,,

    grealish looked good without doing anything

    we are a lot better,,, and we have a few more defeats to come

    but when everyone is fit we will have a very good side

    and although disappointed there are positives to take

  4. I havent been well enough to attend today and it might be harsh to say but is it coincidence that we have been shocking in defence for two years and solid this season as soon as mr clarke plays we concide 3 goals he has been a constant for 2 years and we were poor he hasnt played we concide 1in 4 he plays we concide 3 please let me know as highlights dont give a accurate reflection

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