Godvilla is Coming to the Holte End Next Season!

New Manager, New Team, New Banner – Godvilla!

Villa fans are already looking to get ready to liven up Villa Park from its graveyard silence of last season under Alex McLeish. Thanks to Villa Fans Deb Kelly and Nick Shale, they’ll be a 6ft x 4ft banner of Godvilla to be unleashed from the Holte End in the new season.

The banner is something of a reboot of the ‘Godzvilla’  banner that once was at the 1977 league cup final replay between Aston Villa and Everton at Hillsborough. So there’s a nice traditional link there.

All we need now is some kind of Godzuki version for the North Stand!

If any Villa supporters have any ideas for banners or for creating an atmosphere, get in touch and we’ll try to help.

UPDATE 2015: Wouldn’t it be an idea to create a bigger version of this banner? Comment if you have any views on it.


Up from the depths, twenty-stories high…Godvilla!


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  1. Exactly Adam. It’s good to see people DOING things instead of just criticising others and standing in judgement. . Hopefully, more supporters like these guys will do things like this and have a laugh. UTV

  2. Its funny and fun lighten up (oh dear) (what am I missing) I love villa till I die but stop moaning McLeish has gone and start aging a laugh motd Godzilla will be funny grid sotc

  3. Well, I’m guessing something along the lines of:

    a) It suggests Villa are the big boys of Birmingham
    b) He’s breathing fire (atomic breath – if you want to take this seriously) on St. Andrews
    c) It’s a play on the name…Godzilla…Godvilla…you get me?
    d) ‘God’ is Paul McGrath’s nickname. So, a nice fit God + Villa = Godvilla
    e) It’s an alternative to Lambert’s Lions.

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