Spanish Hardball Impacts Gil & Amavi, as Johnstone is Back

There’s been a bit of actual transfer movement in the last few days, as Villa tackled a couple of Spanish clubs trying to do business on the cheap trying to secure the services of a couple of Villa assets.

Jordan Amavi, who MOMS had expected to be the first Villan out the door, suddenly found the door from Villa Park to be something of a revolving one, while Carles Gil’s suitors pulled the ‘loan-first’ deal, that is becoming the norm when trying to sell-on Villa’s oversea’s players.

And after a long strangely protracted transfer, Johnstone finally is set to be a Villan once again.

Spanish Inquisition

MOMS had expected for Jordan Amavi to be long gone to Spain last week, but alas there seems to be some fun and games over the price, if you consider that Sevilla consider that a ‘failed medical’ put them off buying the player, yet they still want to loan him.

Sounds like the Spanish team’s being a bit of a tight arse, if you ask me, if they still want the player despite a ‘failed medical’.

If the player wants out, then I can see this being a Mexican standoff until later on in the transfer window, as both clubs try to get the best price. I wouldn’t be surprised if another club, more than likely French, comes in to take advantage of Sevilla’s hardball game.

One That is Going to Spain

Deportio La Coruña (a team MOMS and other Villans have seen play at Villa Park) have secured the services for Carles Gil for a season-loan long, with an ‘obligation to buy’ according to Tony Xia.


This will no doubt lower the ultimate transfer fee, although Villa will have Gil’s wages off the book next season. A similiar deal to what Sevilla are no doubt angling for with Amavi.

Not ideal, but the club have to move forward.


With sightings of the young Manchester United keeper at Telford, who was at Villa on loan last season, and Xia Tweeting that the deal was to be signed off soon, Villa have one of the two keepers in MOMS’ book they need to buy to mount a promotion push.

An extension of a year to Mark Bunn’s contract, suggest a second keeper – ideally, a round the block experienced keeper – might not be forthcoming.


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