Five Reasons to be Cheerful as Villa Fans Because That’s the Championship

The main prize may be out of reach, but the name of the game can still be promotion, if Aston Villa find their form and bottle, in the play-offs.

Villa have learnt how to win again, after back-to-back 1-0 wins against Cardiff City and Leeds, but while it is too little too late for the automatic places, there’s no better time to start a winning run to get the fill up the confidence banks.

While we play out the rest of the season, before the play-offs, here’s the latest five reasons to be cheerful, as Villa fans…

Play-off Confirmed

With the Championship play-off dates confirmed this week, it didn’t take Villa long to finally book their spot in them after the 1-0 win versus Leeds. It’s a safe bet that Villa will have the second leg at Villa Park, which is traditionally an advantage.

So, if you like trips to Wembley, you could be in luck.

Only Three Left

Not including the play-offs, which are more like a mini-tournament, these COULD be the last three Championship games you’ll see as a Villa fan in your life time. Villa could get promoted at the end of this season by winning the play-offs and then once again become an established top-tier team and never get relegated again.


Although, there are those who prefer the Championship over the Premier League, although there’s plenty of reasons why.

Jedinak Sheets

After his double balls up against Sheffield United while playing centre back, the prospect of seeing Mile Jedinak at centre back was enough to give any Villa fan the shivers. But filling in again for the absent John Terry against both Cardiff and Leeds, Villa didn’t concede.

Yes, against Cardiff, that was partly down to a number of decent stops by Sam Johnstone, but Jedinak played his part too.




Terence Back

Staying on topic, John Terry is back in training after missing those games that Jedinak has filled in for.

If there’s one player that has kicked his teammates asses at times to get them going and will be a good player to have in the team for the play-offs, it will be the Villa captain.

Terry gets a big financial bonus, if Villa get promoted, so he will be bang up for it.

It’s do or die time for JT.

Easy Way to Spot Numpties

It’s that time of the year where the level of clickbait articles on other lesser football sites, hots up. Still, you can turn them to your advantage…

If you want a way to decide if a Villa-supporting mate is sound or a dumb ass, it’s simple. Just ask them if they believe the recent ‘Jack Grealish to Leicester for £20m’ story doing the rounds.


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  1. We have a 1 in 4 chance of promotion. Not good odds. Maybe Bruce can finally repay us. Who knowns our form has been era tic all season with 3 spells of poor results. One less we would have been up! If we do not go up we will lose players. Loanees Johnson, Grabban, Snodgross (& thank god Onomah) will be gone, we can’t afford Terry. Hutton the only player whomhas shown effort in the last 3 years will be gone. We maybe have only 2 other players that may attract prem clubs in Grealish and Chester, how sad that these will be vunerable to teams like Watford and Bournemouth let alone Leicester. I would not be unhappy if any of the others were unloaded. The club will be in financial chaos. We still have half a dozen players out on loan. Many others who have not been good enough will still be here on high wages and won’t play a game but will continue to be a bad influence at the club who will be unable to unload them due to silly high wages and poor performances. Unfortunately Tony has allowed Bruce to continue along the previous regime’s path and buy more and more without unloading. If we do not go up we will not be able to buy, we cannot unload, many players will be too old but still on wages. In addition we have loaned players like the lazy Onomah who will have cost us £2m for the benefit of Spurs, whilst our promising players who might have got us out of this division have had no opportunity to perform or progress. If you were a good young player would you come to villa? If we go up fantastic we have chose the right manager and strategy. However if the 3 in 4 chance we stay down it will have been a disaster, with the future looking very bleak as we try and compete with other good sides and the financial clout of the relegated side

  2. First of all let’s put the Grealish to Leicester rumour where it belongs in the trash, whoever writes this garbage is a complete idiot who has obviously nothing better to do.
    That said you have hit the nail on the head when you say have we got the bottle to get ourselves promoted we’ve shown that we are capable of beating the best, but we’ve also too often shown the other side of the coin and on that basis on a personal note I haven’t a great deal of confidence that we can actually achieve it. Several pundits and managers have commented that they see us as just about average and sadly I’m inclined to agree, I say sadly because I have been a Villa supporter for close to 50 years but at times this lot are impossible to understand. Anyway I would like to be proved wrong and just hoping for the best.

    • Its the usual 2+2=5 reporting. Its a safe bet that Mahrez will be off, they need a replacement, Jack is a similar style player, who’s playing in the champs, therefore would jump at the chance to go to Leicester…..

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