Five Reasons to be Cheerful as Villa Fans – After Another Embarrassment Under Lambert

five reasons villa fans

Villa fans see Helenius rise, Baker drop and season end


Out the FA Cup again without a whimper against a lower league team. Fine, if Villa were pushing for Europe, but now there’s really nothing left for the club to play for this season.  Don’t the players have any pride anymore? What exactly are Lambert’s tactics? If the team want to avoid getting booed off the pitch, may I suggest putting more effort in on the pitch. It’s a sorry state of affairs, so what are the five reasons to be cheerful for Villa fans?


1. The FA Cup doesn’t matter much according to Lambert, so it’s no big deal getting beat by a Division One at home. Right? It’s at least better than being knocked out of a cup by a Division Two team, like last season. Progress?

2. There was no injuries during the game. Unfortunately though, Nathan Baker got injured in the warm-up.  At the moment, this sums Villa up.

3. At least Helenius proved a point by bagging his first proper Villa goal, which is a good sign in view of the Kozák injury. His goal scoring record before Villa was decent and he scored a couple in preseason for Villa too, so why does Jordan ‘No Goals’ Bowery get the nod over him normally?

4. Of the 24,038 at Villa Park for the FA Cup game, 6,000 odd were Sheffield United fans, meaning only 18,000 or so Villa fans witnessed what some have called the worst performance by Villa in recent times at Villa Park.

5. The 2013/14 season is already over now (unless Lambert takes us into a relegation battle). You can now look forward to the World Cup in Brazil and a better FA Cup run in the 2014-15 season.




  1. 1. Losers
    4.Beat easy
    Yes 7 reasons oh look it spells LAMBERT?

  2. What has lambert said or done to the younger players at villa they run around as if they are scared of there own shadows looking for somewhere to hide the young people I know have no respect for anyone who stands in there way and try to stop them doing there thing villa need to drill this into our young so they respect and fear nobody on the park just like fergy did when he brought in beckham gigs and co let’s put some pride back in the team be honoured to wear a villa shirt

  3. What do you mean “(unless Lambert takes us into another relegation battle)”? We are already in one! Yes, Steveavfc! Spot on. Lambert has had money so we can’t blame everything on Lerner. PL has brought in some 15 players at about 50 million. That’s a team plus subs! And our best players, Benteke apart, are those who were there before he arrived.

  4. I’m pleased the Club have a project. I wonder what the aims and objectives are to enable to achieve this “project”?

  5. we all know there is a bigger picture other than the cups,,,

    what ever team you support they have to show ambition or whats the point,,,,

    the cups can be great to kickstart a good run, build comfidence and even blood a couple of

    carefully selected youngsters,,,

    or they can go disasterously wrong,,,, drain confidence, and take the team backwards,,,

    the football recently has been nothing short of an abomination, yes there are a few mitigating

    circumstances,,,, but the defeat yesterday and Bradford are two of the lowest points

    in my football life,,,

    I will never forgive you mr lambert,,, you owe me big time,,, and although deepdown I want you to

    do a partridge,,, get in your big flash car and go as far north as possible and gorge yourself on

    toblerone and not come back,,, sadly you will,,,,

    but I realise you can redeem yourself this coming transfer window,,

    but deepdown we know for whatever reasons you probably wont, and yesterdays

    performance should put anyone off joining our great club,,,,

    lamberts like an old boring dog that’s is starting to shit everywhere,, sooner or later it starts to

    become a chore and you send it to the big bone in the sky,,,,

    well mr lambert the vet has been consulted and that big bone is waiting,,,,,,,

    time for walkies,,,,,,,,,

  6. I think you can look forward to ever smaller crowds at VP, who wants to pay good money to watch Lamberts headless Chicken tactics & embarrassment at being beaten by lower league teams every year, long term plan!! do. Me a favour & every other Villa fan, just admit we are crap & you don’t have the answers!!!

  7. The beauty of the FA cup brings home how important it is to all football supporters when a top division club is knocked out by a so called small club from a lower league , every supporter up and down the land breaths the excitement that come with this grand old cup competition and for those like us yesterday it a good reason to vent our anger at the club management and team .
    I believe I’m a realist and know that no team has the right to win a game of football no matter who they are ,heart,desire ,skill ,passion ,and team ethic go along way to bringing success in any game but it’s not always garanteed to get the right result but it will go along way to helping bring that success ,I believe luck plays it’s part to but that’s one eliment you cannot rely on .
    Herein lies our problem a manager who’s interview was apparently taken out of context disrespecting the cup as a mere distraction and then to feild a near full strength team only to be knocked out without a whimper says more about our manager than the players we have at the club ,he sets the play he sets the formation ,he takes the training (or does he) he is meant to be the insperation behind the clubs ambitions the driving force behind the great plan .
    Actions mr lambert speak louder than words my advice to you is to keep your opinion on cup competitions to yourself your attitude works it way to the squad and sets the tone for those games . You need to take a long hard look at yourself .
    Before I sign of there is a few positive for me the reamergance of albrighton and helanius first goal for the club ……… Yep that’s it ,a small comfort in an ever increasing poor season . Injuries don’t help but are no excuss for club like ours the time for hiding is over the time for standing up for the cause is now . The clock is ticking ….tick tock ,tick tock

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