Five Reasons to be Cheerful as Villa Fans after Misfiring against Cardiff City

five reasons villa fans

The head, the break and the point


I’ve always wondered if this ‘Five Reasons’ column would work if Villa won most of their games and life was a bed of roses as a Villa fan? Probably not. As it is, with the perpetual gloomy match days, the task of coming up with five reasons to be cheerful as Villa fans every week, certainly is the ultimate test for the imagination,if nothing else! One point against two relegation rivals in the last two ‘must win’ games…it doesn’t get much worse. So, what’s there to smile about?


1. The 0-0 draw at Cardiff was Villa’s first point in Europe this season. They should have snatched three points in the end, but for some wayward finishing. Still, picking up any point outside of England is better than nothing. Hopefully, Villa will get the full three points on their next European adventure, when they visit Swansea at the end of April.

2. Paul Lambert has reassured every one of the claret and blue faithful with his post-match line of “When you pick up points away, you go along way in this league.” So it doesn’t matter about Villa’s home form? Excellent! That’s a massive relief.

3. Joe Bennett starts and Villa don’t concede. Actually, more to the point, the Villa back four start and they don’t concede!

4. The Aston Villa supporters were in great voice on a cold night. I’m not sure if the West Midlands police were right in trying to take the gloss off their effort by blaming Villa fans for throwing, what they called a ‘missile’ (see picture below), onto the pitch:


aston villa head missle

I’m with the Villans on Twitter, who suggested it was  probably Randy Lerner’s disguise for the game, and to show his disgust at not winning,  he took it off and tried to lob ‘The Head’ at Lambert!

5. No Villa game until Sunday 23rd February. So a nice run of days free of anger, frustration, anxiety, depression, pain, suffering, embarrassment, false hope and any post-match Paul Lambert interviews. UTV




  1. I laughed my arse off at the Randy Learner comment. Funniest thing i’ve read this week, brilliant

    • Thanks VB (aka C). Laughter is sometimes the best cure to some of the things we have to deal with, due to our claret & blue blood!

  2. Love the 5 reasons after every game…one more could of been thankfully most of us don’t live by a river…as some of those houses thru Malvern and Ross on the way down looked too close to the waters edge to sleep easy…..

    • Cheers. It’s kind of like self-therapy. I’m glad 5R raises a chuckle with others too. And yes, some people will have to sleep with one eye open over the next few days.

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