Five Reasons to be Cheerful as Villa Fans After Brentford 0-0

No Show

Goodness me what a poor and lacklustre performance. Brentford will be kicking themselves for not taking away all three points against a Villa team that lack energy and spark, and were clueless going forward.

The Bees had two or three excellent chances, but were denied by Sam Johnstone, who perhaps had his best game for Villa.

There’s absolutely no way Villa will get promoted playing like this and they’ll be facing another pointless season in mid-table limbo unless Bruce comes up with a solution fast.

The Villa boss has the tools for the job, so it’s time to get to work.

In meantime, here’s five reasons to be cheerful as Villa Fans.

1. Sam’s the Main Man

If there was no Sam Johnstone there would have been no clean sheet or point today. It’s that simple. He saved the blushes of a defence that were easily carved opened several times.

After a few early doubters, Johnstone has so far proved to be one of Steve Bruce’s most astute transfer dealings.


2. Different Sheets

While some Villa supporters (at least those on Twitter) start to contemplate bringing bed sheets to Villa Park, Villa gained their first clean sheet of the season.

On paper, James Chester and John Terry look like the best centre-back pairing in the division, but it hasn’t played out that way on the pitch this season.

While Johnstone was to thank for getting them out of jail against Brentford, hopefully the clean sheet is a step in the right direction.

3. Bench Fit

With the likes of Robert Snodgrass, Mile Jedinak, Scott Hogan, Henri Lansbury and Birkir Bjarnason on the bench, and Jonathan Kodjia training and playing in an U-23 game this coming week, there are no excuses in terms of available personal.

But does it really matter who is injured or not?

Some fans think the return of Kodjia will lead Villa to the promotion promise land. What? Like he did last season? Kodjia scored 19 goals and Villa still finished in the bottom half of the league.

It’s not the individual players, it’s the team. Bruce still hasn’t found one even after over 40 games.

4. Bluebirds Fell

At least Cardiff City didn’t win, which meant their 100% record this season ended.

After six games, Villa would have been 12 points off the top of a division they were the bookies favourites to win.

OK, we are still currently 10 points off the Bluebirds, so it’s no time for champagne just yet!

5. Boro Battle x2

Cast your mind back to the 2014/15 season. Villa were on the ropes and in the sh*t, when a double home header with WBA presented itself.

WBA had a chance to knock Villa out of the FA Cup at the quarter-final stage and also pretty much confine us to relegation.

Villa rallied and won both games and transformed their season, booking a double trip to Wembley and rising away from the relegation places.

Currently Middlesbrough sit in the last play-off place, four points above Villa. A Villa win and we’re within a point of one of the favourites for promotion.

Then next week it’s the League Cup, beat Boro there and we’re in the last 16 of the League Cup, which will be a boost to morale.

If Spurs get through the next round of the League Cup, then who knows, we could also be off to Wembley sooner than we expected!

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  1. There is still clearly a split amongst supporters between those who think change will inevitably be necessary, and those who crave stability. While recognising there is some trolling going on in the comments here (and I try never to feed the trolls), my position is that stability is good, provided that stability is bringing improvement. Unfortunately, we have not improved at all under the current manager. And when he admits in post match interviews he had picked the wrong team, and he cannot work out why the team is so lacking in intensity and energy, my heart sinks. Changing managers often hasn’t harmed Chelsea’s trophy collection. And even, at a different level, clubs like Watford have gained promotion to, and stayed in the Premier League, despite frequently changing managers. So if stability is keeping a manager long term, and either not improving or going backwards, I vote for change. But it’s out of our hands. I suspect Dr. Tony will act this month if results and performances like last Saturday continue.

  2. I think Colin thought I was on about him? … Anyway I stand with what I said, as it is 100% fact. And yes you are entitled to your opinion. And I would never fall out with a fellow villa fan because of that. But I was referring mainly to twitter messages …. Poison will not fix a team, or it’s finances. And I salute the away support 110%, and very proud to one of the loudest …. Lets concentrate on football, and not fantasy. Sacking a manager will not do us any good whatsoever. And who really thinks that with all the disruption again, it would work? …. Complete madness. And only advised to people who have a playstation.

  3. I am fortunate enough on occasion to work at the villa and over time you begin to get to know some staff and get gossip for want of a better word. The main issues coming out are about consistency, not just now but for the last decade probably. I have been a fan since my first match in 89 and have been lucky enough to witness some decent seasons and brilliant matches both domestic and European. I am a realist and whilst I do not expect villa to be competing for champions league each year I do atleast expect better from our club than what we have seen since and even during MONs last season.

    My comment about consistency stands as since MON left there has been only one consistency and this has been medicoracy. Never before have i been so depressed about the state of the team. Yes I have my favourites but on the the whole looking from the outside there is no cohesion between players and positions. I don’t see a defence now like ehiogu and Southgate or mellberg and Laursen that you had faith in.Little alan Wright contesting EVERY single ball and making hard for the tall players because that was his drive and battling personality.

    I don’t see taylor and boateng scrapping for the ball like terrors and having someone of merson and carbones class to pick a pass.

    I apologise for the length but team spirit and drive and balls out play seem to have gone from this team…. and I have no idea how to get it back. Managers and boards have tried… some players also… but on the whole… the lack of consistency in all areas has shot us in the foot and we are still limping.

    Vtid cuz that’s what fans are for

  4. And by the way while we are concentrating on the best players in the league, which I would dispute but anyway if we are still in this league next season are we naive enough to think that they will still be here, the truth is they will be long gone, and clearly so will our useless manager. And it’s not good news blaming the fans who pay good money to watch this crap week in and week out there has been no improvement 18th is not acceptable after 6 games The above is my opinion which I am entitled to like it or not

  5. Yep lets change the manager. Seven years and seven managers dictate that … Anyone else care to acknowledge the big elephant in the room? Or perhaps all the managers were shite? …. I think not … I would also love to see the stats on how many players, have gone through our doors as well. Crazy stuff. Lets concentrate on that for a moment.

    We have got the best manager for this league. And the best players for this league. Shall we give them time? ….. This is the main reason for our demise! … OK we will not perhaps go up, but should we be really debating another manager again!

    Teams click with team spirit. Team spirit clicks with team bonding. Simple! … Bruce for me has made some great signings. I am also wise enough to realise that whatever team he plays. And formation. Never will anyone agree with a all of the managers decisions. OK we don’t have time, but ANYONE would need time to work out their best combination.

    [hmm … Perhaps [as well] is that we have shite fans?]

    • How many have those managers have done a good job elsewhere or seen their reputation improve since they left Villa? O’Neill has had moderate success with ROI, McLeish had a good season in Belgium, any in England though?

      • Yep I agree. And like most I was behind them all .. hmm .. Well lets hops Bruce can stay true to his C.V.

  6. I think there is more to Dr Tony’s comments regarding the month of September. If we still average a point per match, I suspect Bruce will be history.

  7. Yes but come on Bruce is tactically inept, always been a defender and that’s all he knows, he admits that it was his fault, and let’s be realistic 6 points from 6 games is not acceptable. Today is 2 points dropped however you look at it, I understand that there are the same old dressing room problems but the Manager is well paid to coach and motivate the players and it’s simply not happening, I believe that Dr Ts patience is running out and if we don’t get a result on Tuesday I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a change because we can’t afford to loose much more ground.

  8. glad I’m not the only one not throwing in the towel , The atmosphere on twitter is poison , but then some of those fanning the flames have been shouting for Bruces head since last season But I did hear from one of the new players ?? Terry that the dressing room is struggling to cast off the “does not matter if we lose” philosophy that has pervaded the squad over the last few seasons.

    • While I wasn’t overjoyed about Bruce being the Villa manager, football sense and common sense dictates after getting a team together over a transfer window, he should at least have a few games to get it together. Until the next international break would be the minimum. But he’s had over 40 games now and there has hardly been a convincing 90 minutes, so he does need to fix things quick!

      • I wanted Grayson but we got Bruce . However I like how he’s set up the squad but it needs more time to gel ,, time which he does not have

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