Five Reasons to be Cheerful as a Villa Fan, After ‘We Go Again’ and Lose Again

five reasons villa fans

Crystal Palace – ‘We Go Again’ and lose again.


Well, could Villa’s home record get any worse? Er. Yes. Four loses on the trot and the alarm bells are ringing and the calls of ‘Lambert Out’ are growing louder. Another home game to come, with the fixture against Swansea looking vital. We go again. So what’s the five reasons to be cheerful as a Villa fan? (Thanks to the Villa fans credited on Twitter for assistance!)


1. Massive improvement from last Boxing Day. Paul Lambert has improved on the 4-0 drubbing by Spurs with a +3 goal difference. Based on that kind of improvement, next season’s Boxing Day has got to be a guaranteed three points!

2. New Year rail fare increases to get to Villa Park are not as high as expected. That’s if you’ll be continuing to make the trip that is (Inspired by @son_of_vader)

3. There’s still trips to Old Trafford, Anfield, the Etihad and White Hart Lane to look forward to. before we are relegated (if we get relegated 😉 ). Not only that, but there are only 364 days left to Christmas. (Inspired by @palmerloyal1872)

4. Apparently NBC US TV Station screened six games live today, thankfully for our friends across the Atlantic Villa wasn’t one of them.  Brad Guzan’s family were also spared the Christmas holiday horror. (Inspired by @tmhydn )

5. The Villa vs Blues derby could be back on, sooner than we thought…well, some fans enjoy it. (Inspired by @joel_avfc )

PS – Another reason to be cheerful is you all probably got more Christmas presents than MOMS. We got jack, after our flight to our Christmas destination was cancelled. No presents and no points! FFS.




  1. There was a lot of angry people leaving villa park yesterday ,and with good reason to ,I stated a few weeks back that lambert has not learned anything over the past 18months and that the squad has not improved and that the (style) of football is well for want of a better word shocking we were again let down only this time compared to last season we all gave lambert the time and patients to work through what was a tough season for him as manager .as stated in my last post time and patients is running out for lambert ,as villa fans we aren’t stupid to think that he will make world beaters of us over night and that progress needs to be done in small steps that. We can all accept ,but what we are watching with our own eye is beyond acceptable , where has the fight gone where has the never say die attitude that gained us survival last season where is the heart and pride that we fans associate with our football team and importantly where are the true leaders those who can drag the rest of the team through tough games .. I see none of those qualities from the manager which he should instill into the player which in turn inspires the fans ………time isn’t kind to a manager who cannot learn or understand his own team and supporters will eventually vent there spleen and we all know what happens when a manager has lost the crowd

    • I think that is the main problem, there has been little sign of progress. In fact, in terms of performances, it’s actually getting worse. What’s happening in training? Because I have no idea what he is trying to achieve when it comes to match days. As you say, the Villa fans understood it might take time with the youngsters and all, but if Villa don’t get at least three points from the next two games, it will mean they’ve got less points than in the corresponding fixtures last season, which considering we barely escaped relegation, spells doom. Last season, Christian Benteke was firing on all cylinders, without him in-form this season, there may be serious trouble ahead.

  2. This is possibly the worst Villa squad since 1966-67, who strangely enough were featured in today’s match programme (with the honourable execptions of Tony Hateley, Willie Hamilton, Alan Deakin and Charlie Aitken). No doubt they will feature Billy McNeill on Saturday as a manager to emulate. Can we have the entire end behind the goal at Chesterfield again?

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