Five Reasons to be Cheerful as Villa Fans, as Aston Villa Takeover Rumours Offer Hope

five reasons villa fans

Aston Villa takeover rumours help turn negatives into positives 


I remember actor Michael Caine once say the secret to life was turning negatives into positives. Well, as Villa supporters that’s about all we’ve got to cling onto at the moment. When you’re getting beat 4-1 three times in the space of five games, you know something is rotten. Then there’s the record number of Premier League defeats in a season and the most amount of home defeats in a season in the entire history of Aston Villa football club.  The only thing that is missing is relegation and the football Grim Reaper may still get round to serving that up this season. In the meantime, here’s five reasons to offer at least some hope…


1. The takeover rumours. The rumours have been doing the rounds all year, but now they have intensified to the point the broadsheets are running with them. Also, if the Villa takeover rumours were nonsense, Randy Lerner has had plenty of time to dismiss them. This week MOMS has heard on the grapevine that a) the buyers may be present at the Hull City game, and b) a journalist claims to be in touch with the actual buyer.

The most worrying thing, according to some accounts, is Lambert’s situation at the club doesn’t seem to be decided on. I’m hoping the takeover doesn’t just turn into Lerner arranging an additional  investor to join him and they continue with Lambert albeit with a little bigger transfer budget. There is a lot wrong at the club and in its thinking, and we would all benefit more from a new broom coming it.

2. Lets not beat around the bush, with the lack of fight in the team (and ability), Villa would be heading down to the Championship without the failings of others. Fulham really blew a great chance to turn the temperature right up on Villa when they allowed Shane Long to equalise in the dying minutes. So thank god Fulham’s promised revival hasn’t happened and Norwich sacked Chris Hughton when they did.

Even if Villa fail to register another point, Norwich need four points from games against Chelsea and Arsenal, while Fulham need six points against Stoke (a) and Crystal Palace (h). Fulham’s task is doable, but Villa would kill off them off with two points from the final three games.

3. Looking back on the game against Swansea, there was little to write home about. There was a pulse in first half with Albrighton again proving to be the only spark. Yes, he deserves a new contract, but Albrighton isn’t good enough for the whole team to rely on. If Tonev, Bowery and Helenius can’t get into this team, then Lambert is at serious fault for buying them.

4. Some would say the Blues struggles are a reason to be cheerful, but maybe it’s clutching at straws. I often have the feeling that Birmingham City’s sole purpose is to show Villa fans life isn’t that bad. Whatever strife we’re going through, they always seem to top it. Currently in the bottom three of the Championship, they have a serious battle on their hands to survive.

It’s sad for the city of Birmingham to see Villa and Birmingham in their current predicaments. The city of Liverpool is on the rise again with both their main two teams coming alive again, while it won’t take long for Manchester to have two proper teams again. London has two of the top four, and a team in the Champions League. It might be a good idea for local pride for both Villa and the Blues to beat the drop.

5. While it’s an uncertain summer ahead for Villa, you can still do something about it and have a voice. Lets face it, if you tolerate this, then your children will be next! It’s early days, but the Aston Villa Supporters Trust is starting to build nicely to be a collective voice of the fans for the now and the future, but it will only become something powerful with your involvement. Lions Clubs and Villa sites/pages are also starting to join up. The more people involved, the better. At the very least, sign up as a free associate member it’s free and takes a second to join. If you want to get more involved join as a voting member instead.

Lets turn these negative times into something positive, and join together as supporters to try and do something about that promised ‘bright future’ ourselves! UTV




  1. Of course Tonev was a bad buy but its easy to forget about Bacuna, Westwood, Benteke, Lowton, Bertrand. With a new owner and a bit more money for Lambert to spend, I am confident he could really do us proud.

    It’s easy to criticise Southampton, Man Utd, Cardiff, Chelsea, Swansea etc for firing their manager without due cause, but if we fire Lambert I think we’ll be just as bad as them.

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