Five Reasons to be Cheerful: Holte End Steals Show as Aston Villa Takeover Looms

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Impressive Holte, Bowery Magic and Takeover Gets Closer?


If only Villa scored a goal in the first minute of games more often, life would have been a lot easier this season. In many ways the victory over Hull was an example of how life should be at Villa Park against this class of opponent. Buoyed by the early goal there was a controlled intensity about Villa. Despite switching off to allow Hull back into the game, Villa didn’t press the panic button. Granted, Hull hardly approached the game with much endeavor or urgency,but this was much better from Villa after a pitiful one point out of the last available 18. Premier League football was secured for next season and after the two deadwood games this week, we’ll finally find out what Randy Lerner has on his mind.


1. The Holte End rose to the occasion to push the team over the line. It was the best atmosphere for a normal league game in quite some time. A big pat on the back must go to Andy Bishop and his Get the Holte End Back campaign that provided the catalyst to spark supporter’s imaginations. I don’t think I’m being idealistic in saying that the rousing sight of the Holte – inflatables jumping and balloons bouncing – that greeted the players, fired them up. After all, they scored almost instantly. Lets carry on this fun into all games. Also in L8, the Brigada 1874 boy’s large Vlaar shirt banner/flag was a great addition to the Holte End too.



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2. Jordan Bowery played his best game in a Villa shirt. It maybe 20 appearances now for Villa without a goal in the right end, but Bowery dug out opportunities from seemingly lost causes and was a threat for Villa. It’s uncertain what Bowery’s future will be next season, but lets hope he manages to find the net for Villa, if he’s given a chance to play in the remaining two games.

3. Finally Andi Weimann had some joy in front of goal to make it six for the season. The total is way below the double-figures total he would have envisaged at the start of the season, but they were important goals to stem off any chance of relegation. Hopefully, it’ll give him a bit of confidence to be Villa’s main threat going into the team’s remaining brace of difficult  away fixtures.

4. Suddenly Aston Villa are Liverpool supporter’s second favourite team. I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing, but the Red’s need Villa to beat Manchester City to effectively clean up the mess they made against Crystal Place, when 3-0 up with a few minutes to play, they ended up drawing 3-3. If Villa do beat Manchester City, any Villa fans in Manchester for the game should make the short trip to Liverpool to potentially take advantage of limitless free drinks.

5. Next week, Villa supporters will finally know the answers to the takeover mystery that has engulfed Villa Park in recent weeks. Everybody MOMS has spoken to regarding it seems to think the deal has been done and the expectancy is Paul Lambert will leave too. Don’t quote me on this though!




  1. I now sit in the north stand but the atmosphere from the holte is how it used to be, hats off to brigade 1874 for trying to improve it ,did I hear a drum ? if so lets add to it for next season with more flags and banners need to look after the next generation of supporters.

  2. It was refreshing to see the Holte stand for the whole game and that helped improve the atmosphere no end. For all those who enjoyed seeing the Holte like this and who want to see Villa Park return to the couldron it once was then all you need to do is get involved, bring banners, sing your hearts out and the rest will follow. If people have got the right mentality and want to get involved with the work that Brigada do then it’s well worth visiting their forums and having a look and getting involved.

  3. I was in the DE stand and there was some singing and noise coming from us. The holte end was fantastic though. I prefer not to be in the holte end so I can see and hear it in its full glory. It was a brilliant atmosphere. The section with the Vlaar shirt and the flags is something that I would like to see all over the holte end. Looked ace.

  4. its not just the Holte. There are four stands and they all need to be involved. I stopped going into the Holte some years ago because of the racism of some fans – an Asian friend having been assaulted. The sections of the Trinity and North near the tunnel are important as the players go past them via the dressing room and I have long felt they are affected by the reception.

    But its a whole ground issue. THe place needs to be a cauldron on positive noise

    trevor fisher.

  5. Excellent! It was my first home game since we lost to Sheffield U & what a difference. I think you can really see the effect Sid is having on the team. Also really pleased to see so many kid on the Holt.

  6. andy bishop and the brigade shirt show that there is plenty of imagination and resource among villa fans. Very Well Done! Lets try to corral it and make it a permanent feature of what is often a really dire experience which would make watching paint dry more attractive.

    Villa Park needs to be both a fortress and a fun place to go to. Taking kids down there for their first match often makes for grim times for all concerned. It does not have to be so. Since the club can’t show any imagination, why don’t the fans make the atmosphere? Maybe the trust could coordinate action.

    just a thought!

    Trevor Fisher.

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