Five Reasons to be Cheerful as Aston Villa Fans After Arsenal Virus Loss

While 45% of Scots were left disappointed after the results of the referendum, two Scots did get a result that surprised a lot of people, namely Alan Hutton and Paul Lambert signing new long-term contracts.

Considering the more urgent concerns in the Villa contract renewal department, they were hardly urgent or warranted.  Modern football is increasingly dictated by short-term thinking, but thinking after four games that it’s happy days again is a little naive on the club’s part. Surely there was plenty of time for both contracts to be earnt properly?

On the other hand, Hutton’s contract may include a pay decrease from the get-go, while Lambert’s contract is not too much of an issue. At the end of the season, if he finishes close to the 38 points of last season, then he should go; it’ll just mean that Lerner will have to count the cost of the compensation package he’ll now have to shell out for his rashness. Does it mean Lerner is sticking around though?

Of course, when Lambert’s new contract was announced, one thing was for sure…we’d lose against Arsenal! Still, there’s five reasons to be cheerful as Aston Villa fans…


1. Thank god for United

So far this season the two times Villa have suffered an embarrassment , Manchester United have been on hand to make Villa fans feel better about themselves. First their 4-0 loss to MK Dons in the League Cup covered up Villa’s 1-0 defeat against Leyton Orient in the media.

While losing to Arsenal at home is no great shame, since Villa have been doing it for the last 15 years,  Leicester’s 5-3 win after being 3-1 down against United certainly helped take a lot of minds off the Arsenal pain.

2. We had a proper excuse (for a change)

Blame it on the virus. Villa not beating Arsenal at Villa Park is nothing new, but a decent excuse is always nice. The mystery virus quickly cut through the Villa squad, first claiming Baker and Bent, then Westwood in the warm-up before striking Weimann down at half-time.

Quarantine measures this week will hopefully sort out the problem or we maybe struggling to put a first xi out against Chelsea. Although it looks like we have an other excuse in the making there with Phil Dowd scheduled to referee that game – his list of crimes against Villa is vast.

3. Grealish got a half

While Weimann was forced off with his illness, at least Lambert, seeing the game was something of a lost cause at 3-0 with the team under the weather and out on their feet, decided to give Grealish a decent run out. He was tidy in possession as the MOMS feature this week illustrates and the experience against a top-draw midfield will do him a world of good.

4. Beards



Villa have a had a long tradition of good solid beards. One beard and it’s owner Willam McGregor actually founded the football league back in the 19th century. Olof Mellberg’s beard was perhaps the most loved of recent times, while at least Villa’s newest player beard, Antonio Luna’s, was better than his football.

Roy Keane’s current beard is fast turning into a thing of marvel for both the Villa fans and the media. It’s already inspired Paul Lambert to follow suit. As you can see in the picture above, it’s becoming a real work of art.

5. The title is still on!

After Villa’s defeat against Arsenal, luckily plucky mid-table team Manchester City managed to peg Chelsea back with a draw at the Etihad. Villa now go into the weekend clash with top of the table Chelsea knowing that a win would put them on level terms.

In what would surely be the hardest game of the season for Villa, a repeat of the spirit of last year’s performance at Stamford Bridge would put the away team in with a chance. A bit more luck this year and who knows?

While Villa are in the top 4 in the league, please forgive MOMS for writing about them as if they have serious top 4 credentials. After the last two seasons, it simply makes a refreshing change!


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  1. It was a good read, thank you. Even if the feel good factor may not be apparent in the training ground toilets, I am hoping it is around the ground.

    Vlaar feels it if he is now open to contract talks, probably the leverage on the other offers doesn’t hurt either and he’s had some games off to think about it. Jan. sale or 80k a week seems to me the question AVFC face. If he would stay fit, I wouldn’t hesitate to offer another 4 years.

    Draw with Chelsea is enough for me, anymore and I will really start believing again.

  2. Lambo signing a contract should make it easier for him to convince Delph and Vlaar that Villa is the place for them. Certainly less bargaining power if he’s also in the last year of his contract and NOT signing up for the future…

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