Well, the weather was crap, the game wasn’t much better certainly in the first-half, but the result was pure summertime. The first league win for Villa on a Saturday since the opening day of the season, and their first ever home win of the season on a Saturday. Jeez.

A goal from Villa’s forgotten son Mr Agbonlahor also warmed supporters’ (and even his haters) hearts, and another legit Villa fan in Mr Lescott scored the opener. The biggest achievement was perhaps the clean sheet. in my opinion, the Villa defence compounded relegation on Norwich. Their slump has come right at the wrong time of the season.

Can Villa catch Norwich and more importantly, the team above Norwich? It’s a long-long-long-long shot. But maybe Gabby has been saving himself all these seasons to perform the greatest Houdini act in Villa’s history?


5. Gabby’s Back

Most Villans had consigned Gabby Agbonlahor onto the scrapheap and into the Villa history books. I know I had. Surely the player himself would admit that the past four or so seasons haven’t been good enough for Villa’s leading Premier League scorer (hard to believe, I know).

While we’ll need more cutting edge than Gabby to trigger a miracle escape, his goal that sealed the victory against the Canaries is hopefully the first of many more to at least help wag Villa’s tail at the end of the season.

After the game, he gave supporters a little bit of attitude that has been missing from the ‘honest lad’ persona of the current squad when he told a reporter what he thought about the press rumours of him leaving in January. See it in the video below. Certainly one of the more memorable moments of this season.

Welcome back Gabby! Now lets get down to business!



  1. Lets not get too carried away with this win, yes it was a great result for us, but there is a long long way to go. Without wishing to sound like a total despond, we could have thrown that game away in the last 10 minutes or so yesterday. But yes, if we could somehow manage a result next week and get some favourable results from the teams around us, it could happen, and maybe if the officials had done their jobs properly in the last few games we could have been in a better position to escape, I.e the pens against Leicester, the scum, and who knows, had we have been given the one at West Ham, who knows?
    Remy seems to have got the players playing better as a unit, apart from a couple of lapses there is a definite improvement, we are still missing the killer finish and movement up front, but we’ve got the BOARD OF PLEBS to thank for that, bunch of spineless losers. Imagine if we were to be relegated by 1 or 2 points, the manager gets the sack by the moronic accountants!!! Great….

    While I’m on the subject of those imbeciles, the cut backs have already started, I was told by club employee yesterday that redundancy’s are already being made with some of the full time employees being told last week, Eight from the club shop!!
    I said in a post last week the Hollis was an asset stripper, or brought in as an asset stripper, it seems now he has a mate in Mr King who apparently is the main instigator behind the job losses. The agenda seems to be to take us down….there must be a plan in place that Lord Lucan….sorry….Lerner must have instigated. WHY…..who knows….only him.
    The lunatics are running the asylum.
    Just one last thing, if we are to be relegated and, good god I hope not, let’s just hope the scum baggies come with us…that would help soften the blow, and let’s face it, they would probably want to come with us seeing how they are totally obsessed with us, including Mr Pubic who even yesterday compared their performance to the one against us the other week.
    Even better if we survived and they went…oh my god…lets keep the dream alive.

  2. There no doubt that Villa are now back in with a chance of retaining their premiership status as Remi Guarde seems to have stabilised the defence and made us a more difficult team to beat while picking up valuable points with an attractive passing football style that just now needs some quicker forward passing momentum and clinical finishing . I think yesterday was the first time we have seen the incisive defence splitting passing that Vertout was famed for and this was in my opinion thanks to us finally having a forward with pace in Gabbie who would run between and beyond defenders who he could pass to . As Gary Lineker reminded us on motd after the villa Norwich match , Leicester only had 1 more point than Villa had currently after the same number of games last season .and noone gave them a chance . So anything is possible and it’s very important that everyone stays behind the team and shows up in numbers to support them as Villa fans did against Norwich on a wet and windy day . We can all protest to our hearts delight if we get to a mathematically impossible position regarding staying in the premiership but until then and hopefully that day never comes ,let’s all give the lads 110 % support ! .

  3. Hey there MOMS, I have decided that if Villa somehow manage to stay up I will celebrate with a tattoo marking the event and the year…. I said the same thing if we won the FA cup. Any suggestions as to what the tattoo should be, other than going with the obvious one of the badge…

    • My advice isn’t to get a tattoo that simply celebrates staying up – a) It’s hardly an achievement for a club like Villa, b) do you really want to remember what has been a terrible season (few seasons) & c) this is more the level of one of our ‘rivals’. If you must, wait until we actually win something or if you can’t wait that long, get a more general Villa one. UTV

      • Good advice, I think a relegation survival is not worthy of a tattoo alone. Maybe if we stay up ill get a mural of the years ive supported villa. Dion Dublin has to get a mention!

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