Five Reasons for Aston Villa Supporters to Seriously Moan

aston villa supporter moans

Five Reasons for Aston Villa Supporters to Seriously Moan Without Even Mentioning Home Form


Most of you will know about the MOMS weekly column ‘Five Reasons to be Cheerful as a Villa Fan‘, which initially sprang into existence as a way to offer Villa fans hope and a few laughs in defeat. Having recently got so fed up with the team’s poor standard of performances and some of the straws we’ve had to clutch in the aforementioned column, here’s a version of ‘Five Reasons’ were we let off a bit of steam and say what’s really on our minds…


1. Villa haven’t scored in 7 out of the last 10 games. If the alarm bells aren’t ringing with that stat in the Villa camp, then there’s a real problem.

2. Villa’s performances in the past couple of months have been woeful. It’s not football, it’s hoofball. Apart from the Arsenal game, it’s hard to think of a performance that has been enjoyable to watch. Even against Manchester City at Villa Park, the team were lucky to escape that game without taking a beating. If City hadn’t been so gun-ho and undisciplined in their attacking (ala Southampton later on), leaving themselves open to Villa’s counter, it would have been a different story. The only passing Villa seem to do is across the back four, before one of the defenders gives it away. At least Villa supporters got value for money in terms of the result against Manchester City, but on the whole this season, they have been left short-changed when it comes to the quality of their team’s performances.

3. Before Christmas last year, Paul Lambert is on record saying that Villa lacked a presence in the midfield. A year later, seemingly nothing has been done to address this issue. Villa still have a midfield that struggles to protect the back four and offers next to nothing going forward. Which leads to point four…

4. Benteke has now gone 10 games without a goal. That’s over 11 hours. More alarming is on Sunday, he had only one touch in United’s penalty box, suggesting he’s getting useless service…unless you count Brad Guzan’s goal kicks. Keeping Benteke for this season further offered up a reason to add a quality attacking midfielder to Villa’s squad  to capitalise on the Belgian staying. After all, most defences would be now giving Benteke special attention, so fresh variation in creating chances for him would be needed.

5. Going back to Sunday’s game, Still no home win against United since 1995. This isn’t Lambert’s problem per se, but it’s a hoodoo  that shouldn’t be accepted. It’s a bit like when Mike Tyson in his prime would win fights before his opponents stepped into the ring due to their fear and respect of him. Recently though, far from great United teams have turned up at Villa Park and literally walked away with the points. Must do better.



  1. Opponents of Mike Tyson lost to him because he was better then them. We constantly lose to Man United because they are better then us. Simple

  2. Talking about midfielders, it’s obvious delph is good enough to play for us. Westwood could be if he grows into an arteta style player. El Ahmadi is showing that he’s decent too this season. We need somebody better than decent.

    if we look at arsenal, i’d say Arteta and Flamini are similar in style to our Westwood and El Ahmadi. Except they have genuine quality players who play ahead of them. We have delph who can provide a bit of quality and that’s it. We need a good Cazorla type player I feel, to allow our other midfielders to concetrate on what theyre good at

  3. How many player do we need to go through before he settles on the right one ,each player he buys adds to the wage bill each player he buys that sits on the bench unable to affect the outcome of a game again results in some one having to start all over again by cleaning out dead wood a never ending cycle of wasted money save the cash and invest in a little quality in the summer not seven player with little or no chance of being usefull to the club bearing in mind these are lambert choices

  4. Oh dear oh dear ,about five six weeks ago I commented on the teams lack of cohesion stating that lambert has yet to develop the team into a functioning well oiled and prepared team with partnerships developing within the team I stand by that post today ,although we are in a better position than last term the standard of football has not improved PL wasted a lot of money on new contracts for several players benteke included that were not warranted this is a cancer that runs through our club one good season by any player does not warrant a massive pay increase only to see that player become unmotivated and lazy plus I find the signing made apart from bacuna and IMO okrea to have any real impact upon the team (tonev Luna kozak helanius ) have not improved our squad at all we all saw and stated that a quaitity midfielder was required along a good winger .now I know I’m no manager but I see the same games as all of you and can only see lambert falling on his own sword . It time he knew his team it’s time he picked a formation that works and it time for him to stand up a do what a good manager should do and bollock his players instead of filling them full of crap because the tide is turning the holte Enders are Beginning to question if he really is the one to move this great old club forward , as a side note I believe that learner has a Hugh part to play over the rest of this season , for one I would not give lambert any more cash until the players he signed in the summer start to come to the party if they cannot then says more about lambert than learner .

    • tick tock the impatient fans are getting restless Now about this formation that works Does that mean fans want to go back to the fizzpop style of team where there’s a starting eleven & subs who rarely if ever play aka the MON era ?

      Or could it be that the impatient ones have not noticed that there’s hardly a week goes by when there’s one or other & sometimes more players unavailable for selection ?
      As for Lerner not giving Lambert any more dosh don’t you want a complete squad ? Semms to many that there might be a place or 2 for additions who might just be the missing pieces to the puzzle

  5. Gary i’ve had 27 season tickets call me a blogger how many you had? This is the worst Villa team since 1986 IMO. What you need to do is stop being a sheep and say it how it is. Villa aren’t just crap at home they are dire full stop, have no skill, no flare and just boot it long. It’s dreadful. How can you Gary not see it do you have eyes? You calling other fans stupid hahahaha. We are 11th because we have been lucky no other reason luck well luck will not keep this team up and neither will a clueless manager. The hand he’s been given what his team, his players his £7m substitute yes no money but pays £7 for a substitute in the last position we needed. He buys a goal scoring Danish player of the year yet wont pick him, has the worst full backs in the prem yet has better players on the bench or training with the kids..

  6. Lambert may know we need to beef up in January but what concerns me are the reports that he is scouting 2 6ft 3 + strikers. I really fear that we may see another winter slump coming, not looking forward to facing Arsenal and red scouse in january. Whatever happens Lambert wont be sacked cos he is doing Randy`s bidding.

  7. To be honest, the main concern has been the performances and how Villa set up to play football. Young players etc aren’t an excuse. Lambert began last season with clear intentions of passing the ball. The problem was the team didn’t have the players to really pull it off. The team is very hard to watch at the moment and that is a concern.

    I am surprised (well maybe not) of some fans apathy and ‘Lambert Out’ sentiments. That’s not even a conversation at the moment. It’ll be interesting to see if Lambert does do anything in January (judging by last time, I wouldn’t expect too much), more importantly though will be the results in the next four winnable games.

    The main question though is what is Villa’s ambition in the short-term?

  8. 7mil on a player we didn’t need? Kozak is one of the better performing players this season, 3 goals in sub appearances, deserves a start over Benteke. I’d rather have Lambert manage our club than the idiotic fans manage it who have nothing better to do than play Football Manager, if you let the fans manage the club..well see Portsmouth.

  9. And why is it we havent got a replacement for Petrov already. Lambeth has had 3 chances to buy players and hes bought quite a hell of a lot of em, so why no quality midfielder?
    Worrying to say the least. Buck up man and quick!

  10. Not Stupid! He spent 7m on a player we didn’t need when Stevie Wonder can see we are screaming for a creative midfielder. Arrrrrrrgh!

  11. And there was me thinking that last seasons performance was worse than this season , after all the goal difference is a lot better & Villa are higher in the table . Of course things could worse , but it did not last season & there’s nothing to suggest that it might this season . Nothing that is except for the apathy of some fans who can only predict doom & gloom . But if Villa follow last season, performance wise they will end the season higher than mid table where they are now .

  12. Why do you think we’re crap at home? You’re moaning when you go a goal done instead of lifting the team up to equalise, also the moaning from the so called fans who never even turn up to games and just blog or go on Twitter to moan.

    We’re 11th, Lambert is aware we need to beef up in January, he’s not stupid, so until then he’s got to deal with the hand he’s given and go defensive until we get in a replacement for Petrov to partner Delph.

    We have the stupidest fans in the league bar none.

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