Five Aston Villa New Year’s Resolutions

Well, 2014 was rather naff from an Aston Villa point of view. Roll on 2015 and let hope for some good times and all of the below! UTV

Aston Villa New Year’s Resolutions

1. Finish Games with 11 Men

Last season no Villa player got sent off, but during the Christmas period this season though we’ve had three red cards in four games (plus Benteke’s against Spurs). Whether it’s rash challenges or crazy referee decisions, it’s cost us potential points. It can’t be allowed to continue…although, we do seem to play better with 10 men.

2. Give Jack a Crack

If we play better with 10 men, then why not pick ten men and give Jack Grealish a free role to express himself?! Seriously though, he’s one of the only players in the ranks that looks positive when it comes to taking players on and making something happen. Villa’s attack has been too stagnant for far too long, so it’s time for some spark. Young Jack might just be the lad to provide it.

3. Goals

It’s what we pay our money to see (or tune in for). Can we please score at least twice the amount of goals in the second half of the 2014/15 season than we did in the first half? If we score another 11 goals in 19 games, the chances are Villa would be relegated.

4. A Face of Creation

In January, Villa need a new face or two. At least one decent winger or/and an attacking midfielder. We’ve written about this over the past few years at least several times a season. See point three for the reason why. Villa needs a player who when he gets the ball gives supporters hope and brings them to their feet.

Buy someone who is worthy of the modern day footballer’s wage.

5. Lambert to Put Up or Ship Out

Some supporters argue Lambert should have been sacked after the semi-final defeat against Bradford City. Others say, his head should have rolled at the end of his first season after that cup defeat, nine home defeats and a meagre 41 point haul. Based on stats along, Lambert should have and would have been sacked at most clubs after last season’s 10 home defeats and 38 points.

While the stats don’t lie, the Villa boss seems to have more lives than a cat, so we suggest he makes use of them for something.

This season, if Lambert gets below 45 points at the end of the season he should go. End of story. If there’s no sign of proper improvement or ambition, after three seasons, it’s time to get someone else in, as I for one will be as mad as hell and unable to take anymore.

PS – If Lambert could win the FA Cup though, that would provide us all with a fantastic restoration of faith in the Villa boss!

The bottom line for 2015 is we want our Villa back!

Thanks to all each and every Villan that has read MOMS and helped spread the word with shares & RT’s etc in 2014, it means a lot. It’s tough work keeping MOMS going, so we appreciate everyone who contributes, follows and gets involved and we wish you only the very best for the New Year!


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  1. Based on what seems to have happened with Delph, following what happened with Barry, Milner, Young, even Downing…..I hope that Jack Grealish opts for ROI.

  2. we have to be realistic,,, if lambert does tinker with tactics and bring in a creative player or two
    we may lose a few games,,,, but so long as there is progress 45 points would be ok,
    remember we can play really well and loose games to brilliant or flukey goals or silly mistakes
    or bad refs etc

    compared to last year we have some really good players,, we just need to get more goals

    i think if we can get better crosses from the full backs and goals from all 3 forwards we will be

    better than ok,,

    we have had some terrible luck with injuries and refs decisions, thats not to say lambert cant do better
    and to be fair players take time to gel sometimes and settle in

    so i think 2015 will be our best year for a while especially if we bring in the players we need, we know we can be a threat on the counter and we are hard to break down when pushed back, it just w need to unlock teams that sit back,,,

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